Please use v3 of the API, you can find the documentation here



Returns the requested artwork for a specific show



You can now get a list of all the movies that have been updated since you last checked, you can then match this list against local movies and just update those instead of checking for every single movie

If you omit the timestamp then movies updated in the last 2 days will be returned, if included it must be a valid UNIX timestamp

Supported formats

  • json
  • php


Required Parameters

  • apikey
    login to view your apikey
  • imdb or tmdb id, you can specify multiple id’s by seperating with a pipe |
    You can find a movies id either on or


Optional Parameters

The following parameters are optional but if you want to change any from the default value you must specify all optional parameters before the one you are changing (so if you are changing just format you don’t have to specify type, but if you want to change the sort you MUST also specify the format and type)

  • format
    Returns the results in the requested format
    json (default) / php (returns a php serialized object)
  • type
    Returns the requested image types
    all (default) / movielogo / movieart/ moviedisc
  • sort
    1 – Sorted by most popular image then newest(default)
    2 – Sorted by newest uploaded image
    3 – Sorted by oldest uploaded image
  • limit
    Value is either 1 (1 image) or 2 (all images – default), for example, when automatically downloading images you might only want to return the first result so the user doesn’t have to provide input, whereas with a manual download you might want the user to see all the options.


Additional info

  • preview
    When you add the “/preview” suffix to the artwork url you get the reduced in size sample image. This causes the reduce the traffic load on the site en the example images show much faster. This is the prefered way of pre-showing images because this will not increase the download counter.

    Image size of preview: width=200

  • textless images will be returned as 00 (that is zero zero) as the value for the lang attribute.


Example requests:



Example JSON Response

"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring": {
"tmdb_id": "120",
"imdb_id": "tt0120737",
"moviedisc": [
"id": "101",
"url": "",
"lang": "en",
"likes": "0",
"disc": "1",
"disc_type": "bluray"
"id": "102",
"url": "",
"lang": "en",
"likes": "0",
"disc": "2",
"disc_type": "bluray"
"movielogo": [
"id": "222",
"url": "",
"lang": "en",
"likes": "0"


Example PHP Response

a:1:{s:49:"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring";a:4:{s:7:"tmdb_id";s:3:"120";s:7:"imdb_id";s:9:"tt0120737";s:9:"moviedisc";a:2:{i:0;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"101";s:3:"url";s:115:"";s:4:"lang";s:2:"en";s:5:"likes";s:1:"0";s:4:"disc";s:1:"1";s:9:"disc_type";s:6:"bluray";}i:1;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"102";s:3:"url";s:115:"";s:4:"lang";s:2:"en";s:5:"likes";s:1:"0";s:4:"disc";s:1:"2";s:9:"disc_type";s:6:"bluray";}}s:9:"movielogo";a:1:{i:0;a:4:{s:2:"id";s:3:"222";s:3:"url";s:115:"";s:4:"lang";s:2:"en";s:5:"likes";s:1:"0";}}}}

Example code

PHP Examples

Using JSON

$request = file_get_contents("");
$art = json_decode($request);
foreach($art->clearlogos as $logo) {
echo $logo->url."

Using PHP Serialized array

$request = file_get_contents("");
$art = unserialize($request);
foreach($art["clearlogos"] as $logo) {
echo $logo["url"]."

JSON Examples

Using python

class FTV_MovieProvider():

def __init__(self): = ' - Movie API'
self.api_key = 'you API key here'
self.url = ""
self.imagetypes = ['movielogo', 'movieart', 'moviedisc']

def get_image_list(self, media_id):
data = get_json(self.url % (self.api_key,media_id))
image_list = []
# Get fanart
# split "name" and "data"
for title, value in data.iteritems():
# run through specified types
for art in self.imagetypes:
# if type has been found
if value.has_key(art):
# Run through all the items
for item in value[art]:
info = {}
info['url'] = urllib.quote(item['url'], ':/') # Original image url
info['preview'] = info['url'] + "/preview" # Create a preview url for later use
info['id'] = item['id']
# Check on what type and use the general tag
if art == 'movielogo':
info['type'] = 'clearlogo'
elif art == 'moviedisc':
info['type'] = 'discart'
elif art == 'movieart':
info['type'] = 'clearart'
# Check on disctype
if art == 'moviedisc':
info['disctype'] = item['disc_type']
info['discnumber'] = item['disc']
info['disctype'] = 'n/a'
info['discnumber'] = 'n/a'
# language and votes
info['language'] = item['lang']
info['votes'] = item['likes']
if info: