What is the Associated Fanart?

Basically it’s an association of members that has formed to propose standards and ideas for fanart.

The association will also help pay for hosting costs for the site out of membership dues and any other funds it receives, therefore all donations will go through the association, as the association takes dues yearly our hope is to be able to pay for the server yearly as well, that is why we have a goal set for paying next years hosting costs with an indicator of what we are short of.

While not directly connected to fanart.tv, fanart.tv is a founding member (as are individual fanart.tv members) and as such will implement any of the ratified standards, and will be a beneficiary of support from the association.

It was born out of a desire to get a more open dialog with the community, as the fanart.tv site has grown I have been making all the decisions on where we move forward where I would prefer a more democratic approach.

I hear there are fees? Is fanart.tv becoming a pay site?

As I have already said, the Fanart Association isn’t directly connected to fanart.tv, we want to create a framework that any site can utilise for consistant fanart, and as such we hope that many other sites, in time, become members, so no, fanart.tv isn’t becoming a pay site, but the Fanart Association WILL have membership dues.

Most associations have membership dues, this allows it to pay for it’s costs and move forward into the future, it also gives members a reason to participate, it’s often easy to be blase about something that doesn’t cost you anything.

So is this a commercial venture?

No, absolutely not, the association will be strictly non-profit.

Any membership dues taken will be used in the following way

  1. Pay hosting costs for fanart.tv
  2. Anything over this will go to a vote but proposed suggestions would be
    • Donating to other projects such as XBMC, thetvdb, themoviedb, openelec, etc
    • Running competitions on fanart.tv

Who can join?

The group is open to anybody that wants to get more involved and the more members we get the more likely that the site will be self sustaining.

How will it work?

The association will comprise of a management committee and normal members, regular meetings will be held where members can put forward suggestions and vote on any suggestions, a copy of the constitution can be seen here.

The management committee holds office for a year, at the end of which time any member that is fully paid up and has been a member for a year can apply to join the management committee.

The current dues are set at the following and can only be paid yearly:

Normal member: £30 /yr (works out at about £2.50 a month)
Management member: £50 /yr (works out at about £4.17 a month)

The payments must be made on the same date each year (Jan 1st) but for part month joiners are set pro rata at 2 month increments, thusly:

  • Jan/Feb joiners would pay the full amount
  • Mar/Apr joiners first payment would be £25.00, therafter £30
  • May/Jun joiners first payment would be £20.00, therafter £30
  • Jul/Aug joiners first payment would be £15.00, therafter £30
  • Sep/Oct joiners first payment would be £10.00, therafter £30
  • Nov/Dec joiners first payment would be £5.00, therafter £30

Membership dues will be decided at the annual general meeting

What benefits will I get as a member?

Simply put, we have no idea, it would be awesome if we got some members signing up that could offer benefits to other members, but that’s not something we can guarantee, so currently the only real benefits will be helping to shape the course of fanart.tv and not having to see any adverts on the next revision of the fanart.tv site.

Members can attend meetings at the following url http://fanart.tv/associated-fanart-meeting-hall/

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