The increasingly popular MediaBrowser 3 platform has a new theme launching very soon – Aztec.  But this is no ordinary theme.\r\n\r\nFor the first time ever, you don’t just see the front covers of all the movies on your HTPC – you see the back covers too, beautifully animated.  All the detail about every movie, just like you see on a DVD or Blu Ray case.\r\n\r\nRunnerRunnerBackCover\r\n\r\nThe folks at may soon be adding full cover scans – front, back and spine – to the already extensive selection of images and artwork.  Do you want to see back covers added to  Join the discussion and have your say.\r\n\r\nTo see Aztec in action, check out this promo video or the URL below:\r\n\r\n

\r\n\r\nFor more info on Aztec see this thread on the Mediabrowser forums or at