The milestone


Yesterday July 30,  2012 we hit another important milestone.
More 60,000 images are currently hosted by

It was only 7 weeks ago on June 14 that the 50,000 milestone was hit. So 10,000 images added within such a short time period is truly amazing. Two months before there were only 40,000.


A short history trip tells us:

When we started, there were around 900 images, but my site allowed people to make requests, and boy did they take that to heart—at one point in time there were over 500 requests! That was a pain at the time, (the queue ultimately had to be purged) but fast forward 18 months and it certainly paid off, as we have around 5,500 images as of December 2011.*
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So thank you all who have spend their free time making this site what it is today. Extending the skins in media centers like the ones found for XBMC to be even more awesome then they already are. Of course that doesn’t mean they can only be used for HTPC’s but for other purposes as well.



So what are the current stats?

TV Shows

  • Clearlogo: 6752
  • ClearArt: 3031
  • CharacterArt: 385
  • TV Thumbs: 2452
  • Season Thumbs: 1812
  • Show Background: 209


  • ClearLogo: 4012
  • ClearArt: 588
  • cdArt: 1003
  • Movie Backgrounds: 641


  • Clearlogo: 4254
  • Artist Background: 8733
  • cdArt: 9557
  • Album Cover: 12828
  • Artist Thumb: 2667
  • Record Label: 1228


Spread the word


Please spread the word about this site. Tell your friends, family, co-workers and everyone else or share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter. The more people who know the better so we can make this site grow beyond greatness.


Found some great images that aren’t available here yet? Please upload them so we can add them to the collection. Each section frontpage has an overview including some image guidelines of what we expect of an image before uploading. Short tour around the site can be found here.


Donations are still more than welcome to help us pay hosting this site and can be made here.