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0 Responses to Activate

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  2. Chiaki says:

    It’s very sad that I can’t reach the Photoshop template instructions anymore… I wanted to upload some nice cdArts =/…

  3. kamaradski says:

    Dude, let me congratulate you here on a job well done !!! I’m very much enjoying the new look !!

    Cheers man, and thanks for your time and effort that you put into this community !!

  4. inciter says:

    I just recently stumbled upon your site and took a look around. Well done so far.

    It is not possible to register at the moment, is it? I’ll check back. Keep up the good work!

  5. bwfan says:

    Nice work gents! Looking forward to the fully functional site.

  6. Muckl says:

    Congrats, awesome new site! Thanks for everything.

  7. EclipseGT says:

    Love the new site!!

  8. Martijn says:

    I would recommend using TagScanner. It can also create the ID3 tags from filename or rename the file according to ID3 tag. Find duplicates and many more things.
    Musicbrainz Picard (some other programs also use this) is a preferred for completing your ID3 tags of yoru music files.

    To enjoy the functionality it isn’t really required to have your music folder setup like this. You can also set an alternate location where all fanart is stored. This keeps your music folders clean without any additional file moving. Correct ID3 tags are still required for XBMC correctly scraping the music.

    the cdart does require some basic setup of your folders. If only one disc you should keep your files in one folder. However when you have multiple discs for one album they should be split up in CD1, CD2, CD3 … and so (CD1 is just an example name).

    • Daniel Sonck says:

      Duplicate finding is something I haven’t found yet. I do run into problems if there are duplicates because they would overwrite each other using this organizing method. This program also has the ability to search MusicBrainz to complete ID3 tags. Unfortunately I’m running Linux and TagScanner is a Windows program. Alright, I haven’t found a windows version of this program but it is based on mp3tag so that is the best Windows equivalent.

      Of course it’s not really necessary to organize it this way πŸ˜€ but it keeps your collection tidy and you can see your music without opening the track with a media player / tag viewer. (Windows users can see the ID3 tags in explorer, I know)

      If you mean that in each album directory there should be a subdirectory called CD 1, CD 2, etc. the Move to Folder action does that. And if no disc is specified, it won’t split the directory:

      Album with one disc:
      Album/01 – Track.ogg
      Album/02 – Track.ogg

      Album with more discs:
      Album/CD 1/01 – Track.ogg
      Album/CD 1/02 – Track.ogg
      Album/CD 2/01 – Track.ogg

    • Riddles81 says:

      I also use TagScanner, best mp3 organising product I’ve ever used (believe me when I say I tried dozens before I chose this one).

  9. Daniel Sonck says:

    May I suggest that you watch some more Sanctuary. It’s a bit of a slow start but it’s a nice show.

    And based on your choice of series, I like you :).


  10. jeffdunne says:

    Just registered today. Great site, great resources, great community. I will hopefully be able to contribute to it once I have my head around it. Thank you.

  11. slipsystem says:

    I use media monkey. It shows my library exactly as it would in xbmc the I just rename those duplicate artists. Also I like the option to tag from path, for example all my music is located on E:/My Music/Artist/Album/ Track I select “files to edit” then click on “unknown artist” then select all right click auto tag from file name. Select format \\ and click ok and media monkey updates all missing fields.

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  21. thrak76 says:

    I’ve never even heard of Nightwish! Guess it’s time to check them out. πŸ™‚

    I would love to see some other lists too like artwork added/downloaded. Top contributors are already covered on the top page in each category, i thought.

    • Kode says:

      Top contributors for the entire month is covered, but not week, but you are tight, that’s probably overkill

  22. thrak76 says:

    Now that I take a look at the Nightwish artwork page, I can’t help but notice several duplicates in the cdArt section.

  23. Reginald says:

    Great post! Thank you for showcasing this lovely skin. It does make some great uses of the many assets that you can find here.

  24. Daniel Sonck says:

    Nice post, I think I’ll try it.

    And the other tools as well. (You did forget to mention ArtworkDownloader, but I guess it comes with Aeon too.)

    Thanks for including a link to my post.

  25. media says:

    Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your site unintentionally, and I’m surprised why this accident didn’t came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  26. Martijn says:

    It was always way to buggy in my taste. Support could also be a lot better. He never even finished it and started on MQ3 and left most of the bugs

    • Riddles81 says:

      Yeah, occasionally craps out but MQ3 does seem a lot more stable. Suffice to say that Marcos’ habits haven’t changed as MQ4 is on its way. I think he’s really just only getting the hang of support and has started a google code account where bugs can be logged and resolved.

      There are quicker skins out there with better support but none so beautiful in y eyes.

  27. HolyTemplar says:

    Good post, i will have this skin in mind whenever/if i get bored of Aeon Nox. While both looks pretty similar, i noticed this one has more/differents Viewtypes and might have one more suitable for a large collection of games.
    I hope you keep reviewing more skins, with their pros and cons!

  28. jeffdunne says:

    Ok, let me see if I have this right. An intern from Google is working on XBMC code, would like to extract info from all of our XBMC data files, including specific file path to said data, upload this info to a server to be stored and used at their leisure, and we are supposed to be put at our ease by a simple statement of “I want to note that we will NOT store any username or password information in any part of these URLs, this script is not meant to track the users and it cannot track you!”.

    This is a script created by an intern from Google. Google being the company that extracts just about every ounce of information it can from everything we do on, with or around any software that Google produce. Do I have this right? I am being asked to not be concerned about this as it’s all above board and ok…should I be feeling concerned?

  29. Martijn says:

    You are completely wrong.

    This is a student (who already is a Team XBMC member) that has choosen a project to improve XBMC scraping. Google only provides the oppertunity for students to do this during the summer and grants them a “fee” for their work. Google is in no part other than that involved. All code review and student guidence is done by senior Team XBMC members.
    Perhaps if you had searched about GSoC you wouldn’t be asking this question.


    • jeffdunne says:

      Thank you Martijn, thats what I wanted to hear. I am very happy that I am completely wrong, and yes, you are right to say that had I researched GSoC I would possibly not be asking that question. In my defense in asking that question, I think I have the freedom to ask these kind of questions if the implications aren’t fully understood at the time of asking…thats what forums are for, asking questions.

      KInd Regards

      Jeff Dunne

      • Martijn says:

        Ofcourse you are free to ask πŸ™‚
        just saying that it would made it a bit more clear so you could ask a more direct question about what happens with the data.

  30. jacktyler says:

    I don’t understand? sorry πŸ™

  31. jacktyler says:

    hmm, hang on, I just re-read the thread. I personally will always be suspicious of having Google involved. The less they have to do with it, the better, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to see any more little fish get consumed by the corporate conglomerate of Google.
    that’s my view.

  32. Martijn says:

    It’s free choice for every one if they want to send the data.
    I would be more concerned about the whole Apple empire. Those are the real dictators of the world

  33. jacktyler says:

    I can’t afford to send Apple my data, let alone buy their trumped up, crappy devices.
    Google is the biggest threat to freedom of expression – without a doubt. You should see what they are censoring (courtesy of the UK government)
    Apple and Google have both been enslaved by governments.
    The Internet is not as free as you think.

    • Kode says:

      I don’t think you can really blame google, the issue is the rampant corruption in many world governments, though most of that stems from pressure from the US government via the lobbying power of the entertainment industries.

  34. jeffdunne says:

    It looks like ‘Google’s Summer of Code’ isn’t inspiring a ‘Google Summer of Love’ right now. This was my original point at the very top of this post. I’m still happy if XBMC as an organisation are happy…but the majority remains to be seen.

  35. Martijn says:

    Great blog post πŸ™‚

  36. That Re-Alaska skin looks pretty good! I’ll have to try it out. The only skin I’ve ever liked has been Alaska Revisited – as you say it’s so customisable, and it’s not cluttered with tacky reflections or anything like that. Truly beautiful. Mine is a very light colourscheme with a soft fabric texture than feels tasty enough to touch.
    Thanks for the article!

    • Hidd3nFury says:

      I do love Alaska, looking forward to seeing what Hitcher does with Alask HD. ReAlaska is a very nice change in the mean time though, I definitely recommend checking it out!

  37. This is Awesome! Hoping to get one of the CEC adapters πŸ™‚ But even if I don’t its great to get Fanart.tv out there so more people know about it.

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  39. Reginald says:

    Awesome post, it sounds like we have had a fairly similar experience with XBMC, the one exception being that I have used it since it was on the original Xbox as just a video player. I am curious why you still manually edit your show/movie info/names, for me this work went away with SickBeard and CouchPotato (which it sounds like you also use). Re-Alaska looks great, thank you for sharing, if I wasn’t so in love with Aeon Nox right now, I am sure I would be switching.

  40. Hidd3nFury says:

    Sorry if I didn’t really make it clear, I do use Sickbeard/CouchPotato for renaming and organising now. I just prefer to still do the majority of the images manually. I find that the best images aren’t necessarily available on the scrape-able sites. Apart from Fanart.tv of course!

    I’d love to see this site replace all the others for all the different image types. The quality here seems a lot more regulated than elsewhere.

  41. Reginald says:

    Here is a comment that may put some of you at ease:

    We store no binary data and all is filepaths and urls. So there is _no_ way to tell if you have named an empty file a certain way or if you have a movie. I.e. the data is unusable to them. Also, all usernames and passwords are stripped and we do not keep submitters IP. If your using all internal paths there should be nothing trackable, atleast if all your files and the URLs only is within a LAN. If you are uncertain if your paths could be trackable of a government with the data, i.e. if your urls lead to externally viewable paths without password, then dont submit the data.

    Also as an update, if you are using this make sure to only submit your data ONCE, otherwise it will muddy the data being gathered.

  42. Better Off Ted is indeed aceballs. The Viridian adverts crack me up.

  43. thrak76 says:

    Your review Pete? Great job!

    I’ve yet to listen to the latest Sigur RΓ³s, but I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything of theirs so far.
    I’d only heard of this video briefly (through my wife!) – and of course because of the schlong. Turns out, this video is quite good.

    I agree with many of your points regarding their past works also. I find myself always going between Takk and ÁgΓ¦tis when i want my fix. The others albums i tend to reserve for passive listening…

    I look forward to more of your reviews – or do you perhaps review for another website?

    • I thought the video was very good – not a whole lot of an idea about it’s meaning though! They’ve always had rather superb videos. My personal favourite has to be ‘untitled #1’ – it’s such a melancholy and evocative video that fits beautifully with the music. http://youtu.be/P0AZIFmkogY
      Have you seen Heima, their live film? Part documentary and part live show, it’s an engaging watch.

      Thanks for the note by the way – I plan on doing one a week, either of a new album (when I can afford/am interested in a new release!) or a little known album that I’m a big fan of and think more people should enjoy! That was my first review, but found it very entertaining to write, so I guess I will continue. (Also nice to have a comment showing it’s actually being read!)

  44. thrak76 says:

    Yes, i was waiting for Heima to be released, and watched quite a few times the first few months. Guess it’s time to put it back into rotation!

    I’ve not seen many of their videos; I don’t see much of any artist’s videos really. I don’t know of an easy way to cherry pick videos I’d like to see… I end up getting a collection of vids from a DVD/BD release later, after the albums they’re associated with have been out for some time (Bjork, Peter Gabriel, etc. do a nice job of releasing their videos).

    Looking forward to reading the next review!

    • Holy cow, I love that Peter Gabriel set. The Plasticine covered one, right?
      I’m a bit fan of music documentaries – perhaps in one of my poor weeks I’ll recommend a few excellent films. Thanks for the idea!

      • thrak76 says:

        Yes, that’s the one – “Play”.

        I’m guessing by your use of Plasticine that you’re in Europe somewhere… is Netflix available to you? There is quite the wealth of music docs they have to stream. I’ve been making my way through the “Classic Albums” selections.

        • Oh yes, I’m an upstanding British chappy. Netflix is available, and I used the 30 day free trial but haven’t quite plumped up the cash for it proper. Those Classic Albums documentaries are indeed amazing, BBC4 shows them every so often. Have you seen the South Bank Show episode about Peter Gabriel from the 80’s?
          It’s a fantastic look into how he created much of the music on Security, and all about the (then new) Fairlight sampler.
          What music documentaries would you recommend I look into?

  45. thrak76 says:

    I watched the premiere of HBO’s The Newsroom and enjoyed it very much. I’m not much of a news watcher, really, but my wife is and she liked it quite a bit as well. Jeff Daniels plays the lead, along with a bunch of new actors I’ve never seen. Sam Waterston has a patriarchal type role in it as well. Good stuff!

    Love Falling Skies and definitely enjoyed the S02 premiere. This show will fill the gap nicely until The Walking Dead returns in the fall (along with Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, and others).

    • Reginald says:

      I watched The Newsroom as well, look for my review coming out today. πŸ™‚

      I have to agree it fits in very well with the gritter shows (especially now after the re-tooling). I am looking forward to watching last nights episode.

  46. thrak76 says:

    I haven’t seen that program on PG – dated but I will definitely view it.

    Well, off the top of my head for music docs… Pearl Jam 20, Moog, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, You’re Gonna Miss Me, Beyond the Lighted Stage, The Heart is a Drum Machine… There’s some anyhow. You may have seen some of them already. I’ve seen more docs that focus one artist at a time, but I’m trying to see more broad docs covering genres and styles.

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  48. Martijn says:

    Speechless πŸ˜€

  49. Jetburn83 says:

    Dont agree with Kaley Cuoco and Eva Longoria Parker, would probably sub them out for Kat Dennings and Eliza Dushku.

  50. Martijn says:

    Katee Sackhoff wouldn’t be my choice

  51. Tobby says:

    Katee Sackhoff looks like a transvestite

  52. henchmanc says:

    All hot, Although I’d keep it more current. Many haven’t been on television in quite a while (Katee Sackhoff, Hayden Panettiere, Alyssa Milano, Evangeline Lilly). Others like Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl and Mila Kunis I think have moved on to be primarily film stars (although the last-named can still be HEARD on television). Still all very attractive, although Katee Sackhoff and Sophia Bush are not my cup of tea. And if the list is counting down 20 to 1, I would not put Evangeline Lilly in that top spot.

    • Kode says:

      Which is why I didn’t put a count down πŸ˜›
      Katee Sackhoff was in 24 in 2010, 2 episodes of CSI 2010-2011, workaholics 2011, longmire 2012.
      Hayden Panettiere was last on TV is 2010 I guess
      Alyssa Milano was in 2 episodes of Breaking In 2011-2012 and is the voice of Scarlett in Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.
      Evangeline Lilly, again, yeah, 2010.
      Katherine Heigl also 2010
      I may have been a bit ambitious going for 20

      • henchmanc says:

        All good and within the last 2 years then. I’m not that much of a stickler. Great gathering all those gorgeous hi-res photos too.

  53. Totally Eliza Dushku and Kat Dennings – also Rashida Jones.

  54. Riddles81 says:

    I feel like Kristen Bell and Ali Larter from heroes should be in there in place of a couple. Unfortunately Jessica Beil hasn’t done TV or she’d be straight in. Kaley Cuoco an Katherine Heigl are quality choices though. πŸ™‚

  55. vicmanpergar says:

    Ah, with this kind of things always happens the same to me. I like all these ones but i would probably imagine enough of them more to make the list up to 60, lol

    How did we forget Christina Hendricks?

  57. HolyTemplar says:

    I personally liked Sarah Jones from Alcatraz.

  58. HolyTemplar says:

    I love Wilfred, I’m so glad that they got a second season. It was so bizarre to watch “Frodo” smoke weed…

    • Reginald says:

      I do too, I am fairly big fan. It is a little bit unsettling to watch someone who portrayed one of the most pure characters in fantasy; smoke pot, poo in a shoe and so on. I am glad he didn’t end up getting type cast for the rest of his career.

  59. thrak76 says:

    Another fine review Pete! Haven’t heard Liars, but I’ll give this album a listen directly.

    • Cheers!
      Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of it! It’s been stuck in my CD player since I’ve bought it, being played once a day (ish.)
      Any new CD’s you’ve been enjoying?

      • thrak76 says:

        I like it! I really dig the style of this album. I imagine that I’ll come to enjoy it more through subsequent listenings. Thanks for sharing it.

        As far as “new” stuff for me – only recent release is Rush’s Clockwork Angels. Other than that, I’ve been listening to “new to me” stuff, like Separate Realities, Fleet Foxes, O.S.I.’s Blood, and Battles’ Gloss Drop. I also have been spinning a recent recording of Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. I don’t know if you get into classical at all, but this is unlike any ‘typical’ genre classical. It’s real cool.

  60. thrak76 says:

    Still taking in this album… Liking it more with each listen. The lead single is still my favorite. You were very adept at your description of “arpeggiating”, as this is the exact quality that keeps me entranced with this particular – much as Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” appeals to me.. Another favorite is “His and Mine Sensations”. Again, thanks for the review and the new music.

    • Wizards! Glad you are enjoying! I have to thank you for the recommendation of Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians – really fascinating stuff! I meant to message you about it and forgot, so thanks for this reminder here. Amazing use of vocalists and technology. Right chuffed with it!

  61. My Sony Xperia travelled back in time to thank you for making it the happiest phone in the world (in the future.)

  62. Reginald says:

    This is very exciting especially with more appliance type devices with Android coming out, great work by the amazing XBMC team.

  63. HolyTemplar says:

    That’s awesome, finally my galaxy tab will get some use πŸ˜›

  64. Martijn says:

    A lot of people were wishing that this day would come. Still a lot to do to get it final.

  65. I don’t know if anybody else fancies writing some music, but we could do a bandcamp type thing and sell an album of music people here have made, artwork etc…
    I’ve done that on another forum and we made about 300 quid. It’s not a lot of money, but could help.
    (Also it’s a load of fun.) The only thing would be if there were enough people who write music etc…

    Have you thought about linking artists to amazon – as in, a click through. That helped out a forum I used to frequent (apparently)

    • Kode says:

      Lol, like it.

      I actually do have Amazon affiliate accounts (UK and US), but I don’t really know how I’d go about integrating it into the site in a useful way, or if anybody would even bother using it.

      • jacktyler says:

        I can’t write music, but I’d be happy to be Bez to your Happy Mondays and dance around shaking my maracas πŸ˜‰

      • Blok2004 says:

        If you have an Amazon Affiliate account, what about adding affiliate links to the movie, music, tv show pages. It would be unintrusive, and would actually be useful. I buy most of my stuff through Amazon anyway, I’d be more than happy to buy it through this site if it helps.

      • DYSEQTA says:

        In the case of the k-pop stuff, http://www.yesasia.com is the best international source of k-pop/j-pop/c-pop etc. Also I have seen them offering paid links on other sites so it looks possible there too.

    • eric.dunham says:

      I like the album idea. I’d be willing to re-record and contribute a song I wrote back in high school. (I have a copy, but the timing’s off and I’m well aware of it.) I’d also be willing to make a CD booklet with lyrics, pictures, things like that for the disc if all the artists would be willing to provide art. If we keep the link up and maybe try to do one every once in a while, and build up a bunch of them over the course of time, it could be some long-term income. (Even if not a lot of income.)

      The “premium status” is a good, and tried-and-true, idea. It works for a ton of other sites, but there really needs to be some perks to the status to really make it work. Maybe when we get the 4k categories, we could limit them to premium members! (charging for bandwidth, you know :P) Or maybe give them access to any beta features before the general users get them. I don’t really know, we’d have to brainstorm and see what would work.

      I also think we could try to partner with some independent productions, link to their project and provide all of the high-quality artwork here on f.tv exclusivelyβ€”for a small fee, of course. A good place to get into that might to be just contacting projects on kickstarter.com and see if anyone’s interested.

      Anyhow, that’s all I have for now. I might bring some back later.

  66. jacktyler says:

    Off the top of my head, I could suggest that if a user wanted to request a non-standard image (of a type or dimension that we don’t host) and was prepared to make a small donation, I as a mod, would be happy to meet the request. πŸ™‚ Probably wouldn’t rake in much, or be very frequent, but it’s one possibility. I personally, am about 3 months away from paying off my credit card, so after that, I’ll try and up my subscription a little too πŸ™‚

  67. Sven says:

    I don’t know if this really would help to motivate the people to donate, but maybe a donation could give a user some kind of premium-status where his logo-requests will be done first. I mean: many people would like to have clean libraries with lots of logos and fanart, so maybe some are willing to pay for it. Open here would be who creates those in an acceptable time-frame..

    The other thing: Did you ever try to corporate with TMDB? Maybe the movie-logos would be a great addition to their service and they could help fananrt.tv out with hosting.. Just an idea..

    • Sven says:

      Ah and I forgot mentioning flattr, which makes donating much easier for many people and may increase the target-group (:

  68. jacktyler says:

    I think you have a really good point on the first issue Sven. πŸ™‚ XBMC community forums have some sort of colour or label or tag attached to donors, I think it is about time that was implemented here too. Don’t get me wrong, although I do this from the goodness of my heart (not!) I like to see my name in lights! And who wouldn’t?! Just a recognition would go a long way to encouraging people to help out. A simple medal system would go a long way. 5 stars, 5 medals, etc, just to try and encourage and reward our users. 99% of the people on here realize, they are not going to get a any financial reward, nobody is in it for that, but a peer-based reward means a lot to our users – an acknowledgement from your peers that you are good.
    It’s far from a solution to our finacial problems, but it’s maybe a help?

  69. phil65 says:

    iΒ΄d be happy to annoy all Nox users with a pop-up on startup to urge all users to donate some money. perhaps some will take notice, i think we have a fairly large userbase.

  70. phil65 says:

    perhaps itΒ΄s worth looking at pnggauntlet?
    just checked some of the pngs from your site and it was able to reduce file size by 5-10%. not too much, but still noticable. on their page theyΒ΄re saying that it is without quality loss.
    i have not too much knowledge about graphics, so sorry if it turns out that those programs are crap πŸ˜€

    • Kode says:

      Yeah, we should probably look at something like that, but in all honesty, bandwidth isn’t really an issue, we use less than 1TB a month and have 15TB available before we even need to start thinking about it.

      • Martijn says:

        I could be usefull for users themselves to reduce the required memory of their HTPC.

        • Kode says:

          5-10% probably won’t make that much difference, I’ve looked at something like this in the past, the only issue is it can be a bit complicated as you have to take the original file, duplicate it, perform the optimisation on the duplicate, if the filesize is smaller but not 0 (some error has occured) replace the original, else discard the optimised duplicate (sometimes they increase in size), there are also several tools so it might be a case of having to run several passes using different tools.

  71. phil65 says:

    …and another suggestion: redirect to http://fanart.tv/blog when people visit http://www.fanart.tv so they see that help is needed πŸ˜‰

  72. JDope says:

    80 Β£ a month. Why don’t you offer some kind of premium membership that give some kind of special offers, like access to private forums, more influence on how this site is running, 1 unike fanart.tv email, some online personal disk space….

    lets say 20Β£ pr.year for a premium πŸ™‚ everyone with a job can afford it πŸ™‚


  73. Sokrates says:

    The music idea sounds funny, but I think its not about, what the people who do the stuff for this site can do – its about what the users of that stuff can do. I mean there are many great people in here, who spent a lot of time in creating artwork for this site. But there are so many more people, who use that stuff and enjoy it using xbmc. Iam absolutly sure that this is going be THE site for their fanarts. I can see the community here is growing fast and the images are absolutly great. I think there are some ways to get some benefit out of it (not meaning to make money….just not spending it)

    1. This website
    We need to find a way, that users who download images in xbmc will visit the fanart.tv website. I truly think that most people who uses our artwork never have visited this site. If we can change that, the number of klicks will raise rapidly and thats what its all about. The key will be the download-process in XBMC. It needs a link to this site. I know that this is not completly in your hands but iam sure that this is the way to get people intrested in here. How to do that ?
    CD-Arts are a good example for that. Iam absolutly sure that so many people out there have an MP3-Archive which is not tagged perfectly. So its always worth to take a look here, if you can find a CD-ART (a cover), which the API didnt find at all. I just think of a message-box, when you leave the CD-Art manager or a point in the menu which is linked to this site. The perfect way will be to get a point in the context-menu of an artist. You press “c” and there will be a button like “show fanart available”, which puts you directly to the artist page here.

    2.) Donations
    I think there wont be many people who will donate for just getting an image done. You have to keep in mind that we even cant be sure to find a source somewhere to do an image for the request. It think in the same way as in 1.) . you need to motivate the people who are using and enjoying this stuff. And sorry but its again the XBMC-API who is the key for that. There must be the donation-possiblity … also a button or something like that, which takes you again to this site. A special page where is explained why we need some donation and finaly a button to do that. I truly believe that there are many users who will do that. I mean if we just find 80 users, who are willing to donate 1Β£ – it will do it. And iam sure this can be done that way……i mean just 80…..out of 100.000 or much more ??

    3.) Adobe ?
    If we can increase the numbers of klicks here, why not trying to find a company who is willing to place their products here. For sure “Graphic-Products” will be the best choice. I mean we are talking about high-quality graphice here. So why not trying to get a company interested in offering their products here to do exactly that. (Adobe was just an example….maybe a little bit to big…but who knows)

    Just some thoughts….not sure what can be done, but i think this site deservs so much more people to visit it, because to be honest…its just GREAT πŸ™‚
    All we can do is, to get the database growing as much as we can.

    • Kode says:

      there are 407,000 unique users of the API πŸ™‚ Some interesting points though, some of it not possible, but definately some thigns to think about

      • Sokrates says:

        hey thats the point………finding a way to get the 407.000 people taking notice of the problem…..i cant believe that there are not 80 out of 407.000 per month which are willing to donate just 1Β£ for the work which is done here……maybe we can do something like scrolling bar at the top of this site saying : “Thanks to making this all possible to : ……list of donators…..”

        • Kode says:

          We did have a list of donators, but the plugin didn’t work properly, I need to find a better solution, and then go through all previous donors and add them to the list, which will be a fair bit of work, hence it hasn’t been done yet

  74. mortalgod says:

    What about asking for a front page news item on xbmc.org if there is over 400k unique users of the api then it should be big enough for just one mention… That way it will show up in the default RSS as well and would create a little bit more awareness.

    • mortalgod says:

      Also you have quite a few talented artists on board, so why not ask if they are willing to help create some kind of product line. T-shirts are the most obvious.

      I’ve seen quite a few sites do this kind of thing

      • Kode says:

        We do actually have a spreadshirt account, I’m waiting on a designer fried to do a new logo for us first, but this could be a pretty good idea.

  75. Kode says:

    Another option would be to create something like the “Fanart Association”, where members are involved with creating new standards and deciding on future ventures, events etc, members would vote on new members and pay dues to be part of the association, for example Β£15/mo, and maybe a one off joining fee, this would mean we would only need 6 members to cover the server expenses to begin with, but I don’t know if we would even have enough people interested to do something like this.

    • Kode says:

      It would depend on how many members the association could get, but later on it might be possible to run with something like 10 management members paying Β£40/yr and 28 normal members paying Β£20/yr or something like that, if we were bigger something like that might be possible.

      • JDope says:

        Yeah, with all the API users i consider this site to have huge potential. It just come to pushing on the right buttons πŸ™‚

  76. catamount says:

    How come the site has no advertising? Have you talked with Google about it? How many hits does the site get?

    Also, since most of your users never visit the site and use the api through xbmc or mediabrowser, make the api a premium member benefit. For a small amount, say $5-10, a premium user gets an api key which must be entered into their download plugin.

    None-premium users can still download manually but will have no access to the api. This way the site is still available to everyone, but the folks who use the most bandwidth, via the api, will help pay for it.

    I realize this will require some re-writing of the plugins, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    • Martijn says:

      API-keys aren’t really secure.
      Like in python these are easily extracted from the code

      • Kode says:

        Also it would make our service less useful, so I wouldn’t really want to do that as it would probably adversely affect the site

    • giftie says:

      Adding a nag screen to the add-ons would probably be a little better then limiting access. The nag screen would be disabled for donators, ie 1Β£/month or 12Β£/year would disable the nag screen. This would need an add to the api providing a list of active donators

      I know I will be donating, it fell off my radar(I know, no excuse.. πŸ™ ) And I will be adding a nag screen to cdART Manager.. And posting on my XBMC Thread.

  77. catamount says:

    Hmm hadn’t thought about that.

    I see now the site has some advertising. Talk was made about Amazon. Don’t they have an advertising setup where if a user goes to their site from here, this site would get paid? There should be a ‘Buy This From Amazon’ link on every art page maybe. People follow those all the time.

  78. Sokrates says:

    I think there are many good ideas here….but i still believe creating some traffic on the fanart.tv-page is the important thing…..having that traffic on your page you can take the next step…..for example the amazon one……….

  79. catamount says:

    Maybe a stand-alone art downloader app that premium members can use? Username and password could be in the app and verify user status ie; premium member. If the user is not a premium member, they are taken to a page where they can start an account and make a donation.

    Most of us have XBMC or Mediabrowser I suppose, but people could use an art downloader for music for example, and that might attract other types of users.

    • Martijn says:

      I totally hate standalone apps. The whole reason i made Artwork Downloader is to get rid of that.
      There is already an cdArt Manager that handles the music section.

      • Kode says:

        Not every user is a media centre user though Martijn.

        @catamount not a bad idea, but I personally don’t know anyone with the skills to create a standalone app that would be willing to do the work for us.

        If anyone does want a stand alone app give http://themetabrowser.com/ a try, seeing as they were kind enough to donate some licences for our facebook competition πŸ™‚

        • catamount says:

          yup that’s what I meant, only for people who don’t use xbmc or mediabrowser. I’m thinking more for people just to get images for their music. I personally don’t play music in mediabrowser, I just use WMP for that. Mediabrowser/XBMC is for movies and TV (to me). Point is, it might get just plain music users interested.

          Anyway I’m just throwing ideas out there – they may not all be great or workable.

          Kode, have you thought about posting in the mediabrowser and xbmc forums just to remind people that your site needs donations to survive? I mean, go right to the users because many of them might not actually visit this site.

  80. Rominator says:

    Fanart.tv could maybe corporate with My Movies.

  81. jsimo01 says:

    Would it not be possible to charge users for access to the API, while leaving access via the website free? I’m sure many wouldn’t mind chipping in an annual fee for using the API as opposed to downloading artwork manually off the website.

  82. eric.dunham says:

    Lots of good comments since last night, and some of them (such as making this blog the front page) are already working. I have to agree that increasing site traffic is of utmost importance, and the best way to do that might be asking XBMC coders who use this site to link to us in their projects.

    I also want to point out that I’d pay some money to be able to influence new categories and art types. πŸ˜›

  83. soultaker says:

    Hi Kode,

    This is Soultaker from MediaBrowser – Are you interested in selling FanArt.tv?

    You can reach me on the MediaBrowser CT if you wish to discuss things further.

    Take care bro,


  84. Love the list and like the selection. Yes, I would have picked a few other ladies here and there, but nevertheless a fantastic selection.
    I also have to applaud you on the selection of the individual pictures, the layout and the summaries you put together.
    Absolutely great; well, well done!!

  85. Tobby says:

    Maybe quite obvious, but there’s no advertising on the home page (blog). How about putting some there and perhaps also some in the popup Window that appears when you click a logo.

    Also maybe put a popup Window telling people to turn off their adblockers to support the site.

    • Martijn says:

      Adds everywhere is like selling your soul.
      Personally i would’n’t visit a site anymore when it is littered with adds and pop-ups.
      There are better ways i hope

      • Kode says:

        I’ve tried to keep the ads on the site as unobtrusive as possible, that’s why some sections don’t have any, and the ones that do, hopefully the ads that come through are more like extra content that might be useful to the user, dunno if I succeded, but the thought was there.

      • Tobby says:

        Can’t say that I disagree.

  86. Sokrates says:

    So one totaly different idea……..

    you ever thought of the next step…for example including biographie for artist ?
    I realy dont know, if thats the way this page should go, but it would be a perfect browsing page for everyone then….

    Just an example of what i think could be intresting (Artist page for example) :

    Name of Artist
    Date of Birth
    Date of Death
    Biographie (language buttons)
    Number of Cleararts / Fanarts / Thumbs
    Discographie (maybe possible to link the Musikbrain-Datas ?)

    Disographie can look like this :
    Cover CD-Art
    1974 Kiss yes no (maybe a dl and replacebutton if its a “yes”/upload if its a “no”)
    1974 Hotter Than Hell yes yes
    1975 Dressed to Kill no no
    (btw. this would be a good option anyway if possbile….it makes it easier to see what kind of stuff is missing….)

    It maybe be the totaly wrong direction…..but its just an idea i had. It would combine so many websites in just one perfect site. And for sure this will create a lot of traffic. I know this sounds like a lot of work……but you asked for ideas and this is one of mine πŸ™‚

    • Sokrates says:

      oh well … bad formating :

      Disographie :
      1974 Kiss………………..yes……no (maybe a dl and replacebutton if its a β€œyes”/upload if its a β€œno”)
      1974 Hotter Than Hell…yes……yes
      1975 Dressed to Kill…..no……..no

    • Martijn says:

      So make it another music info site like this one that just started?

  87. Mike says:

    If the server cost about Β£80/month, if 80 people give 1 €/Β£/$ per month, it’s OK.

    So why not create a small subscription with paypal. Everybody pay just 1 €/Β£/$ each month or 12~15 €/$/Β£ eahc year.

    And why don’t create a donator key to be add into API to be able to download stuff from XBMC ?

    • Martijn says:

      paypal (with recurring payment option) is already on the site however few have donated.

      Like already mentioned a donator key could be easily abused by others. It need to be locked on username/password

  88. Tobby says:

    What if you talked to some skinners and perhaps the movies that don’t have any logos could say “There’s no artwork for this title. Please consider visiting fanart.tv and add some.”

    That might get some more traffic to the site and you might find some more contributors as well. Shouldn’t be a problem since the skinners probably want the site up as well.

  89. Sven says:

    Just another idea I got when reading here that some users HATE ads and some would like the idea:

    Build a custom minimal homepage users could set as their browsers homepage.

    You could add a google-search (google has affiliate-programms where they pay per search) and pay per view banner on it.. That’s the way Firefox collects money.

    I would be very happy to set something like this to my new browsers homepage.. Whenever I open a new Tab, it makes ching ching for you (:

    • Sven says:

      By minimal homepage I mean a an additional site.. something like fanart.tv/customHome.php or something like that, not fanart.tvs ACTUAL homepage

  90. magic_phil says:

    I am more than happy to pay for the services the community provides.I would love to contribute but Photoshop is something I have never grasped!!
    With 407.000 users using the API, the majority presumably through artwork dowloader why not exploit this traffic rather than the lesser number who visit the site.

    Martijn could you sell some advertising space on the artwork downloader finish report?? With 407,000 views I’m sure someone would pay to have their name there

  91. vicmanpergar says:

    And soon 100.000!
    Congratz Fanart.Tv and everyone working on it.

  92. Rominator says:

    wooho thats amazing.

  93. Congratulations to everyone that contributes to this amazing site!!!!!!!

  94. bullbutch says:

    I would like to see some kind of status of the donations for this site. Perhaps it’s already possible, but I can’t find it? Like: This months donations is Β£77 of Β£80. This way I would feel a lot more comfortable to donate.

    • Kode says:

      The problem we have is finding a good plugin that does that, there are ones that have similar functionality, but because we already have a couple of monthly subscribers it seems to break the IPN functionality of any plugins I add.

      What is it you are uncomfortable with? The site has *cost* me personally over Β£700 for things like hosting and other costs (such as the domain, version tracking, chat software, etc) even with every donation counted, so if you think I’m profiteering from the site, you are a bit far from the mark.

      I do agree that we could do with something better, but I don’t have the time to develop something, most of the free ones are crap and if I have to pay for one it needs to be right.

      If you have any suggestions or want to do the leg work to find something suitable though, please feel free πŸ™‚

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  97. Red says:

    If you don’t mind saying, what’s the biggest revenue stream this site has? At the moment I’d hazard a guess that it’s the donations. Of course it’s not ideal to rely on donations alone to meet the operating costs so the natural angle would be to try and make the site self-sufficient, to monetise it in other ways, so it can sustain itself.

    Some have mentioned advertisements and I don’t think unobtrusive advertisements would be out of place. Most people use the APIs for the data, and those that visit the site wouldn’t mind some adverts here and there.

    With that however you still have the issue of driving people to a site who’s primary function is to serve people who don’t, and don’t need to visit the site. Not an easy task. Perhaps though efforts could be made to partner with the more viral and web-savvy artists out there and offer to host their new, or even old, artwork at high-res. They would then tweet/blog their new artwork and could link to fanart.tv etc to generate hits? The announcements could be incorporated into the front page news section. Hopefully that would create the perception in the online music community that this is the place for artwork on their favourite artists. *shrug*

    There’s a website that I visit from time to time called RapGenius which is another lyrics website with the USP that their users will explain the often complicated slang and references used in hip-hop. What sets them apart however is they seek out the artists themselves to explain some of their lyrics via verified accounts.

    Mashing up the two ideas perhaps we could come up with something that will generate hits to feed the advertisements.

    • Red says:

      That link doesn’t appear to be functioning; the URL is http://www.rapgenius.com

    • Kode says:

      @red I like the ideas, and yeah, it’s not even close, donations are pretty much the major source, adsense pays out enough to pay the hosting costs every 4-5 months on a good run, 10-14 months on a bad run, with the average being somewhere in between (although it has picked up a bit in the last couple of months, whether that was down to us asking people to support the site, or will be an ongoing thing remains to be seen).

      If we could get any artists to agree to that it would be pretty awesome, but I wouldn’t even know where to start, and then there’s also the possiblility you would also get the side effect of the less viral and web-savvy artists becoming pissy about them being on the site.

  98. vicmanpergar says:

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

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  100. Martijn says:

    Yeah I still rule place 1 & 3 with API traffic πŸ˜€
    Even 2nd place is still a bit mine πŸ˜›

  101. hereticmonk says:

    Maroon 5!?! LOL wut?

  102. Sokrates says:

    hehe …next time iΒ΄ll try to klick 6.000 times at Take That……..mayba a hidden flash-mob ?? πŸ™‚

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  104. Blok2004 says:

    Wow! Impressive stats! Any chance we can see some image results? Most popular Artists/Movies/TV Shows, and most popular images in those categories? I’ve always been curious to know that stuff.

  105. Jetburn83 says:

    Congrats All πŸ˜€

  106. Assuming I understand correctly, the stats for the API are when people use Artwork Downloader for example to collect images from here? Does that mean that the count under images rsies from these hits as well as when people visit and download directly from the site?

    Also in terms of images and their download count, sometimes volume is dependant on time. Would be quite interesting to compare no of downloads versus how long available.

  107. Kode says:

    the download count is increased when an individual image is hit, not when the api returns the results.

    So the application hits the API and says “I want images for the TV show Lost”, the API returns a list of all the images we have for lost, at this point the download count hasn’t changed, the the app would follow the url for whatever images it wanted to get, either from a manual selection or just going through the entire list at that point the download count is increased.

    There is also the facility to display thumbnails by appending /preview to the end of the url and those aren’t counted in download numbers.

  108. eric.dunham says:

    For the sake of all things sacred and holy, can we delete the Maroon 5 page? I don’t think I can contribute to a site where Maroon 5’s page makes the top 6!

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  110. Kode says:

    Sounds like a film I’d enjoy, will have to check it out πŸ™‚

  111. mizaki says:

    If you even a remote interest in the genre it’s a must watch tbh πŸ™‚

    I forgot to mention reading the subtitles is mostly optional but remember every time you watch a dub, God takes a Mb of bandwidth away!

  112. Blok2004 says:

    Loved this movie! It’s one of the best action films in recent memory.

  113. zag says:

    Massive thanks for running and coding the site.

    I know how hard it is to develop and keep these types of sites running, but we do it for the love and to make things better for everyone.

    Long live the community driven metadata πŸ™‚

  114. Kode says:

    I quite enjoyed this, was a bit slow to start but good all the same.

    Not up to Ninja Assassin (a film I love) levels or gore and violence, but had a very nice style to the film, definitely up there as one of my favourite fighty films.

  115. jacktyler says:

    Great post Martijn πŸ™‚
    It’s amazing to see how things have progressed and grown.
    The thing I love most about the site, is it’s inclusiveness πŸ™‚ It’s a place for both end-users and contributors to interact and share images and ideas.
    I honestly think the ethos and as Zag says, “the Love” is something that makes this site special and there is a huge amount of goodwill surrounding the site.
    May the Force be with us πŸ™‚

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  117. It’s insane how quickely the site is exploding (in a good way!)
    I think the timeline is a little off though – Artist Thumbs weren’t introduced until May.

  118. Martijn says:

    Yeah made a c/p error in the timeline. Fixed now

  119. mizaki says:

    Ninja Assassin πŸ™‚ I’m always trepidatious about anything with “ninja” in the title. Mostly, I think, because I never see any actual ninjutsu. Btw have you seen (in no order):
    Zatoichi (2003)
    Onk Bak?

  120. Kode says:

    I take it from that you haven’t seen Ninja Assassin? You have to watch it, it’s insanely violent πŸ˜€ Purists of the fighty genre might not like it as it’s in english (and not a dub), but it’s really worth a watch.

    Not seen the first 2 but seen the last 2, I like Tony Jaa, Tom yum joong is pretty good as well.

  121. Jetburn83 says:

    I agree with Kode, definitely a little slow on the start. There where some very well structured fight scenes, also stylistically beautiful and very well shot. Will definitely be looking into watching some more of Iko Uwais’ films as he his fighting style was beautiful. I also love that its a Welsh boy was writing and directing will be seeing what he comes out with next. ( just seen there is a sequel in the works.) πŸ˜€ Ninja Assassin is a must see.

  122. mizaki says:

    @Kode I have seen Ninja Assassin, how could I not with a name like that? πŸ™‚ Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun movie for what it is. I think the term “ninja” is forever tarnised by bad 80s movies. I’m told that’s why it called (Bujinkan) Taijutsu now. Azumi has one of the best twist starts. You should check it out. Versus has some of the usual Japanese weirdness which can be a bit marmite πŸ™‚

    @Jetburn83 I think the slow start was a good idea really. If you start at 11 where do you go from there? πŸ™‚ Should be interesting what they do next, next. As The Raid probably won’t have grabbed peoples attention until recently. Taking bets on Hollywood remake?

    Another bad/good one is Ninja Cheerleaders – it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be πŸ™‚

  123. hereticmonk says:

    Very nice read. Bjork’s “the dull flame of desire” was also my first introduction to Antony. His work with Hercules and Love Affair cemented my love for him.

    • did you like his voice instantly, or was it a growing thing for you as well?
      I think he’s pretty fantastic, the control he has over his voice is amazing

  124. jacktyler says:

    Wow! That is one hell of a powerful write-up Pete πŸ™‚ Beautifully written. I’d never heard of them before, but reading this, I just knew I ought to πŸ™‚ Amazing lyrics and amazing vocals. What a wicked review too – top class πŸ™‚

    • Maple Syrup is a powerful emotional thing.
      Let me know if you enjoy, it’s perhaps not for everybody and (in my case was a grower) but I totally think it’s worth checking out.
      Thanks πŸ™‚

  125. I watched it at the cinema 2 weeks ago, great film with good entertainment value. If you like martial arts films, this one’s for you.

  126. mad-max says:

    fanart.tv defintely deserves that kind of support!
    Guys, you established an amazing artwork-site…
    Keep it up!!!

  127. Martijn says:

    A big thank you xbmcnerds.com for their awesome support.

  128. thrak76 says:

    Great job folks!

  129. thrak76 says:

    Glad to see another review Pete!

    You know, I just couldn’t get into Antony’s voice. I’ve tried several times. I’ll try again, I suppose – though I’m not expecting much. That doesn’t detract from another fine review though. Canada, eh? I’m pretty close to there myself, and I agree the maple syrup is killer!

    Side note: have you ever listened to Anathema? If not, please check out their latest Weather Systems. It came out in April, but i’ve only really gotten a thorough listen recently. I’m mightily impressed.

    • cheers!
      Yeh it’s a strange one. I hated it the first time I heard it, then it slowly burrowed its way into my brain. You in New York state? I got a glimpse of America from Niagra Falls. I shook my fist towards it and screamed “NEXT TIME I SHALL RULE YOU.”

      Nope, but I’m loading up my trusty friend Youtube to educate myself…

      • thrak76 says:

        No, not in NY, but in Michigan. Closest bit of Canada to me is Windsor – just over a bridge from Detroit, MI. I’d been to Canada through NY though, back when it was exciting to legally drink at age 19. πŸ™‚

  130. Sokrates says:

    Many many thanks for that support ….and a big thanks to Mad-Max for organising this and investing so much time in it!
    (Solltest mal nach Berlin kommen hast das eine oder andere Bier gut πŸ™‚ )

  131. Rominator says:

    Incredible Support. Big thanks to the xbmcnerds Community

  132. kingkearney says:

    Great work from the people over at XBMCnerds πŸ˜€

  133. Kode says:

    Great work guys, much appreciated!

  134. vicmanpergar says:

    Wonderful, big thanks to u , guys!

  135. mizaki says:

    Nice one. Props to mad-max πŸ™‚

  136. jasonjp says:

    Thanks mad-max and xbmcnerds.com!

  137. felinodepr says:

    i say we missing the support for movie collection logos and i think is also pretty good idea to have clearart or character art support for music but thank you for the new image types

    • Martijn says:

      movie collection logos are already possible
      don’t know about the music suggestion. i don’t see the real usage and doubt they will catch on. those would need at least >500 to get started imo

  138. filthycatbox says:

    Have uploaded a template with the guides already in place.

  139. filthycatbox says:

    Oh, and have uploaded the first HD Logo here πŸ™‚

  140. Rominator says:

    My First 3 Movie HD logos are uploaded. hope i understand the sizes correct πŸ™‚

  141. thrak76 says:

    Nice additions!

    These will look great on my “imaginary, hope-to-acquire” 100″+ projection system. πŸ™‚

    Seriously though, this gives me inspiration to start hammering away at some images again.

  142. Deano316 says:

    The nice thing is once you’ve finished your logo you can resize it and upload two at once. I still have the raw files for my last couple of logos so I think I’ll add them shortly πŸ™‚

  143. zag says:

    Very cool to see Music Banners πŸ™‚

  144. mizaki says:

    Damn you! Now I have to add some more views to AWXi πŸ™‚

  145. Kode says:

    Not even seen the first one, Hollywood do have a hard on for sequals though don’t they? lol

  146. cherzo says:

    thanks to xbmcnerds.com and mad-max, that is very nice of them πŸ™‚

  147. mad-max says:

    No problem! As I said before…some communities just deserve that kind of help!

  148. Kode says:

    *sigh* the membership thing has hijacked the registration page so it’s not possible to register without going through the payment thing, I will try to fix this ASAP

  149. jacktyler says:

    Is the membership page fixed now? Can people sign up?

  150. jacktyler says:

    Great review πŸ™‚
    I read a few reviews on IMDB last week and on that basis, decided against watching this movie. You’ve crystallized what most of them were saying. It sounds to me, that the film never really settles down into a genre (which is fine) but it never quite gets comfortable with itself (which is not so fine).
    I still might watch it though, if only because of your intelligent, thoughtful review., but I won’t be expecting anything much from it.
    Such a shame really, because I had high hopes for this (although I am not familiar with the original 1970s series).
    I was hoping for an Edward Scissorhands, but this maybe, a Gothic turd πŸ™‚

  151. jacktyler says:

    Brilliant review Pete (how did you know about my Uncle by the way?)
    I had to go to extreme lengths to hear this, since my sound card seems to have packed in. So I bought the digital album on Amazon, copied them to my NAS device and played them through the telly πŸ™‚
    I put on Today’s Supernatural first and attempted to sync it with the video you posted above.
    Which didn’t work out too well, as you can imagine.
    After abandoning my syncing attempts, I decided I would just listen to the music (Today’s Supernatural).
    First time round, I was not enjoying it, if I’m honest.
    But I was rather on the verge of an epileptic fit, trying to sync it, that time πŸ™‚
    When I actually listened to “Today’s Supernatural” though, I genuinely liked it πŸ™‚
    I have the album playing now, we’re on “Applesauce” πŸ™‚
    Your review has intrigued me, and forced me to not only listen to them, but to buy the bloody album too, thanks to my faulty sound card! I’m quite enjoying Applesauce now actually.
    I could get into this sort of thing πŸ™‚
    Although at heart, I will always be more of a Boney M man πŸ™‚

    • Cheers man! To answer your question, I know about your uncle because I have some quality binoculars. That and some excellent camoflage…
      That is some terrifying hassle there – sound cards can be arseholes. I was trying to finish up a job (i deal in sound) and the whole thing died once, so I ended up sending tracks to the client without hearing the final mizdown (had to do it using visual equalisers! terrifying)
      I’m glad the review intrigued you – hopefully the album will live up to my gushings (that sounds disgusting.)
      It’s fairly mental (in a good way!) let us know how you get on with it dude.

      Everybody likes Boney M, they just don’t let on. And by some circular miracle, we are back to what we first starting typing about…hardcore bondage http://www.boneym.net/wp-content/gallery/boneym/boney-m-19.jpg

      (i still can’t believe somebody thought that cover was a good idea!)

  152. jacktyler says:

    I feel truly appeased by that πŸ™‚ So much so, that my fluffy handcuffs fell off πŸ™‚
    lol, oh I just clicked your link! lol!
    You are mental mate, and I mean that in the nicest possible way πŸ™‚

  153. mizaki says:

    Thanks for the kind words πŸ™‚

    It’s no Scissorhands but if you’ve got nothing better to watch or you like Eva Green it might be worth a go.

  154. zag says:

    Had a think about it but the cost is just too much per year πŸ™

  155. zag says:

    P.S. Love the new totalizer at the top of the page, it immediately got me thinking how I could help the site.

  156. Kode says:

    Well as we got new members we could lower the amount, the issue is at Β£40/yr we already would need 36 members, but if no-one signs up then I guess it’s no help at all, it’s a shame because the lack of interest really makes me unmotivated to do anything with the site and long term, if it can’t sustain itself I will have to move the site on to a much cheaper server which if you think the site goes slow on the evenings now I can only guess what it will be like then.

  157. Kode says:

    I’ve changed Associated Fanart dues for normal members to Β£30/yr (works out at Β£2.50 a month), this does mean we will need about 43 members to cover the server (it is actually less because it doesn’t take into account donations, but if we get no donations we need enough members to cover the fees ideally) if we move to the better server (the one quoted above) or if we stick on our current one (which struggles with demand in the evenings it seems) then we would need 27 members, if we can’t even manage that then come January I will downgrade the server which will only require Β£660 for the year and will look at throttling the bandwidth across the entire site so it will be slower for everyone all the time but more reliable.

  158. Lastdance says:

    How is it? Can I join the AF membership?

  159. Kode says:

    Abybody can join, just sign up πŸ™‚

  160. vicmanpergar says:

    Oh wow nice, lol
    Just in time, thx

  161. hereticmonk says:

    Nice one! You know I’ve done over 1300 cdarts and I’ve always hated making those reflective ones because of that darn dark inner circle. So thanks for this!

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  163. Daniel Sonck says:

    Wow, this is even better than my advice: use a selective blur on reflective discs in order to keep the colors down. Although that was mainly for discs that were ‘colorful’ and had irregularly shaped rings on them.

    Although this is nice, there would be a better system. Ever noticed that if you rotate a CD around its axis, the reflection doesn’t rotate. Yeah, and all those skins rotate the full disk image, including the reflection. What would be far better is to only include the ink in the PNGs and let the application render the ink on the discs. This would give the most realistic image.

    • Peerless says:


      “and let the application render the ink on the discs.” You mean, let the app render the reflection on the discs. πŸ™‚
      Most applications already do that for posters, so i’m guessing that adding an overlay reflection and have a cd with a solid gray color rotating below it would look very impressive.
      Unfortunatly we don’t have it (yet), so the point of this tutorial was to make the best with what we have now and deal with the black rings in the process.
      I did try many different surfaces, and ended up with this one that’s pretty soft on the eyes when in rotation. Low saturation and contrast.

      • Daniel Sonck says:

        Well actually, the application would begin with a standard CD-R image like you can buy in the store (without the lines and brand name printed on it). It masks the images put here to the disk, and because all the images should only contain the artwork, not the redundant CD surface you give here, it can ‘paint’ it over the CD surface.

        So to clarify, you improve the image by replacing the scanned CD surface by this nice surface. It would only be better if we removed the CD surface altogether because it’s redundant. So just create a largely transparent disk. The application can then create the full disk by taking your blank disk, and applying the image over it. This way, you won’t apply the reflection you mentioned over the full image, but over just the background. Which is more realistic because most inks don’t reflect that much.

        And as a next step, because some inks do (more) reflection, you could specify a reflectiveness map to indicate that some inks can actually reflect.

        But for some extra background information, you can look up the new image types thread in the forum, since I asked for this feature because I saw your post.

  164. Pingback: Thank you Passion-XBMC! | fanart.tv

  165. Lastdance says:

    Well Done πŸ˜€

  166. Tobby says:

    Great news. Congratz πŸ˜€

  167. vicmanpergar says:

    That’s amazing, Thanks Passion Comunity.:D

  168. jacktyler says:

    Merci beaucoup πŸ™‚

  169. Martijn says:

    A big thanks for your support πŸ™‚

    Hopefully we can work together in the near future

  170. Ralph says:

    Can anyone post a updated one?

  171. comicsnut says:


    Just wow.

    I would love to have one of these. Currently “in between homes” right now and the walls are as white as a glass of skim milk.


    But great work to the artist/artists that put these together. They are stunning in that they capture that feel of the first (second?) trio

    I absolutely love this.

  172. matrix808 says:

    best skin in my opinoion is Aeon MQ 3 or even 4 now

  173. Mabba2000 says:

    Wow, something I have always been looking for.
    Is there anywhere in this tutorial also German, my english is not really very good.
    But still, many, many thanks.

  174. BabaOrum says:

    The french touch πŸ™‚

  175. n1md4 says:

    I’d like to, but the one off-payment puts me off. Far better for me is a DirectDebit for xGBP a month, is that not possible?

  176. Pingback: The industry mulls over Random Access Memories, Eric Prydz’s and Big Krit’s fave fests, Moderat’s new LP, and Eats Everything hits the road. Oh, and don’t throw stuff at Jeff Mills. – Beatport News

  177. jacktyler says:

    That looks awesome πŸ™‚
    Your Lightbox Poster has been approved! πŸ˜€
    Unfortunately however, your wallpaper has been denied – please update it and resubmit.

  178. BadMojo says:

    Nice πŸ˜€
    I think I will try to make one myself, maybe start with something a little smaller, A3 perhaps.
    Thanks for the info on where you sourced the parts πŸ™‚

  179. Paszt says:

    So jacktyler, you approved it with the typo? Or is it spelled “christoper”?

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  181. Pingback: XMBC Missing Music Artwork with the Universal Scraper | Greg Stephens Blog

  182. akovia says:

    Thanks for the update and the kind words @Kode.
    I hope people will step up to the plate to get the servers covered for next year. I can’t imagine not having fanart.tv around.
    The API stats are just mind blowing. Lets keep the ball rolling and bust these number again next year. πŸ™‚

    Happy holidays to all!

  183. galadril says:


    Great site/ API!!

  184. zag says:

    Keep up the good work chap, and congrats on the new arrival πŸ™‚

  185. Simche says:

    Loved the article and i would completely agree that Sci-Fi is becoming more and more popular on the big screen. i would just make an example that we can see much more nominations for Sci-Fi movies in the academy awards (Oscar) then earlier…And on another subject, thank you my friend for contributing such lovely art to Fanart.tv . Cheers!

  186. akovia says:

    It great to see how the big media centers stack up by the numbers. I’m an XBMC user myself and haven’t heard of a couple of those.
    Keep the stats coming. πŸ™‚

  187. akovia says:

    Thanks for the great write up on all things sci-fi @sfjunkie!
    I’m a huge sci-fi fan as well and have my own theories on why the TV shows aren’t doing so well.
    A good sci-fi needs a really tight and believable story and the sci-fi elements should be just as prominent as the cast and story. This is easier to achieve in a movie where you have a single story to work with and much more time to hone the script. Too many TV series fall in to the same old traps of turning into a soap opera in a sci-fi setting using the same plot devices that you can see in any other TV drama. Effects alone does not make a good sci-fi and I think they seriously underestimate the intelligence of the audience they are targeting.

    I have been watching Almost Human and I really enjoy the premise and the cast, but there have been a few times where I felt the forced drama and it makes me cringe. To me, the best part of this series are the sci-fi derived comedy elements. It really makes me laugh out loud sometimes. πŸ™‚

    By far my favorite show of the year is Orphan Black. The sci-fi underpinnings aren’t front and center all the time, but the way they weave them into the story is intelligent and insightful. Tatiana Maslany is as riveting as the story, and the pace is unrivaled.

    What we need for good sci-fi TV is some inspired work that is lead by the creator and not a committee. When Hollywood loosens the reigns on creativity and is not completely driven by balance sheets, we may see some good TV. Until then, we will end up will the same formulaic drivel they’ve been feeding us for years.


  188. SFJunkie says:

    I fully agree akovia

    Sci-fi also always has a disadvantage on tv, a procedural show gets his viewers anyways, no real arc, not much character growth, sci-fi fans are more critical about their shows, sometimes I think we are too critical, look at SGU, loved it myself, Stargate fans burned it to the ground before it started, it was too much like BSG, was totallly different that SG1 & SGA..etc. All those procedural shows are the same, no one cares, then there is a sci-fi show which is just as dark, perhaps darker as another sci-fi show and people complain. Don’t understand that. Let’s hope we get some new sci-fi in the near future.

  189. ArieS says:

    Great write up @SFJunkie.
    Unfortunately, to me it seems that now CGI is all we can remember from most recent Sci Fi movies… The stories leave much to be desired. Sure, once in a while we get a gem but overall it’s just a rehash of what’s already been done in some way. Just think of what would be older scifi movies from the 70,80 and 90’s with today’s CGIs. That’d be the total package IMO.
    And for TV Shows, I don’t even start watching them before they have a few seasons because networks just cancel shows without giving them a proper ending and I hate that.
    Personally I hate the Case/Freak of the week. I could never get into Fringe, Haven. I did get thru Eureka but it seriously was a drag at times. So that’s why I’ll probably never watch Almost Human.
    BSG was amazing and I hope we’ll get someting similar someday…

  190. SFJunkie says:

    Thanks ArieS,

    My favourite tv shows are from the nineties, still after all these years: Babylon 5 & Deep Space Nine. πŸ™‚

  191. akovia says:

    I for one would pay for this in full if I had it. It’s so hard to help and support, as well as just socialize with the community with out current system. We could really use this to help the site grow and flourish.

    Here’s hoping that Santa visits fanart.tv this year on his way through the Internet. πŸ˜‰

  192. schimi2k says:

    One of the reasons i make some stuff for this site was/is that i want give back something to the community ! I have not so much money, so i help with the stuff i Make – i think it was realy nice to have a better forum … for ALL OF US ! maybe some of the people who cant make things with Gimp/PS read this – these ppl can support the community with a little bit of money… ( maybe smoke 1-2 cigarets less a day and donate this money… )

    EVERYBODY can support OUR Community – with art, with help and with donations – when we work together we can getting better and better !

  193. Mordred says:

    It may be small in comparison, but it’s nice to see that some people actually are using the AAD script I wrote. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the stats!

  194. jolt says:

    how does musicbee work with fanart.tv? I’m using it and didn’t realize it supports fanart.tv items.

  195. Tobby says:

    I would like it, but I don’t think it’s top priority. As previously stated in a blog entry the site’s having trouble with funding already so yeah…

    Speaking of money, some ads on our left and right here wouldn’t hurt. Ads may be annoying at times, but if you don’t want them you can use adblock. It’s a real easy way for people who wants to help out for free by just deactivating the adlocker for this domain.

  196. akovia says:

    It’s a shame there isn’t more interest in this. One of the biggest gaps in this community is keeping everyone informed and being able to find relevant information. Not to mention just a good place to socialize. As it is now, you never know if someone has posted something in the forums unless you hunt the forums for new posts, or catch the blurb that shows up in the activity stream.

    Beyond that, I believe more people would post if the interface wasn’t so user unfriendly. Manual HTML tags are a real PITA for all except coders who live in HTML source code. Having a familiar forum interface that keeps you informed of all new posts, a real post editor with format options, preview post, attachments…the list goes on.

    WordPress was designed for blogging, and just having comments to a post is fine for most blogs. Our site is a real community that encompasses more than just a blog. It really requires an interface that allows for better 2 way communication, and WordPress with all its plugins, just isn’t set up for that.

    The site will be moved to different servers next week and this would have been a perfect time to address this deficiency, but it isn’t looking so good. The core staff and the long time contributors are a small community indeed and we can’t do everything ourselves. With the amount of traffic this site gets, you would think a small request like this would be nothing if just the smallest percentage of people would donate a few $.

    It would be a real shame to miss this opportunity to improve the site, but in the end it’s up to the users to decide.

  197. Kode says:

    I really want to see this happen as it would make mine and the admin/mods lives much easier, therefore, I will put up half the cost myself, that means we need to find a further Β£110

  198. Tobby says:

    BTW, according to curent exchange rates it’s just Β£201,58

  199. akovia says:

    Really nice write up @scifijunkie!
    I had no idea there were so many. We are indeed due for a new series, but I’m not holding my breath yet. My wish would be for one of the premium networks to pick up the torch and really give the genre the attention and production values it deserves. Of course this all hinges on good content. It could be a game changer if someone like HBO jumped in the ring. πŸ™‚

  200. SFJunkie says:

    Thanks Akovia, indeed, I think it’s time some really great sci-fi on a cable station like AMC or HBO would be preferable. Maximum of 13 episodes, Stories with big arcs and character development are appreciated there.

  201. Tobby says:

    All I ever needed from a SciFi series was Firefly, but it didn’t even take FOX a season before they cancelled one of the greatest tv series ever made.

  202. akovia says:

    Preach it brother. I couldn’t agree more. Think of all the $$$$ they lost from that decision. LOL

  203. Tobby says:

    @akovia I was really pissed off when I watched the last episode and had to live with the thought that the idiots at FOX cancelled this and wouldn’t even air the last episodes. It’s my all time favorite next to Oz.

  204. SFJunkie says:

    Love it too, rewatched it several times already! Will always be one of my favs.

  205. ComFox says:

    How much more do you need?

    • Kode says:

      I think we have knocked this on the head for now, but thanks for your interest, we have a phpbb forum up now and you can use your fanart.tv user/pass to login to it, it’s not quite as tight an integration as we would have liked, but it will do for now.

  206. ArieS says:

    Great write up buddy.
    I use XBMC but it actually made me curious to learn more about MediaBrowser.
    Off I go to check your site πŸ™‚

    • Cheesegeezer says:

      Thank ArieS, appreciate the comments. And if there is anything I can help you with to do with MB, just drop me a message on fanart.tv forums. I’ll be opening a thread there to field any questions users may have.

  207. leepenny says:

    I am a long time user of XBMC running linux but looking (lurking) around mediabrowser forum has opened up my eyes to new possibilities – and a snappy interface – will be looking closer in the future to your site to see advancements on linux (also using unraid server in the future so am excited of the prospect of maybe installing as well on this)
    Great write up……….

  208. leedavies says:

    There are tons of cool themes/skins available for MB Classic. Check out Aztec – launching in a few days time…


  209. akovia says:

    Fantastic post @Cheesegeezer!
    I look forward to your future posts delving deeper into this. Like @leepenny, I am an XBMC Linux user, so I look forward to test driving your Linux offering in the future when I have the time to really run it through it’s paces. It’s great to see open source projects that don’t forget about open source OS’s. πŸ™‚
    I’ve already been lurking on your forums as you know and have enjoyed a very friendly and helpful atmosphere. It gets my highest marks!
    Thanks for sharing here with our community.

  210. akovia says:

    All beautiful women but i think only Jessica Alba and maybe Summer Glau would make it on my top 20. πŸ™‚

  211. akovia says:

    Awesome @Kode! Hopefully this will be a good incentive for people that hate ads like I do. Makes a nice goal and reward for our loyal contributors. πŸ™‚

  212. Tobby says:

    How do I turn them back on? I don’t mind them, so I might as well have them. Unless you generate money per click and not per view. Cause if it’s by click they don’t do any good.

  213. Kode says:

    It’s by click, but please do NOT click on them unless its an advert you are genuinely interested in

  214. akovia says:

    I guess I can’t be considered a serious sci-fi fan since I ended up learning a ton from this. LOL
    Great post @sfjunkie. Always looking forward to your next post. πŸ™‚

  215. SFJunkie says:

    Thanks @Akovia, Babylon 5 and als Deep Space Nine are my all time favourites. Read everything about those shows back in the day. πŸ™‚

  216. zag says:

    Used to LOVE this show!

    I even played around with the 3D lightroom program that they used for the space scenes πŸ˜‰

  217. SFJunkie says:

    “Used” to love this show? What about now? Don’t tell me you don’t love it anymore? πŸ™‚

  218. zag says:

    Looks a bit dated now, and nowhere near as good as the new Battlestar Galatica

  219. Blok2004 says:

    I’m currently using Open Media Vault. It’s an open source NAS OS based off of Debian. Quite efficient: http://www.openmediavault.org/

    • Lucas Schad says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      There are more good prebuilt NAS systems like FreeNAS based on BSD – but I prefer the terminal way since it’s not bloated like prebuilt systems.

  220. akovia says:

    Just fantastic @bakslash!
    You really did your homework on this and looks like you made a guide that just about anyone could do. If I had the resources to try this, I would do it with this guide. I doubt there is a more comprehensive guide out there anywhere. Thanks for sharing it with our site. πŸ™‚

  221. schimi2k says:

    great work Bak… and also nice work for your little helpers out there πŸ˜‰
    will take a closer look when i have a bit more time

  222. SFJunkie says:

    You are absolutely wrong of course! πŸ˜‰

  223. Kode says:

    If you want a lot of drives you are better getting a PSU with a single 12v rail rather than 1 with say 4 12v rails.

    Also for a lot of drives a motherboard with a lot of > x8 PCI-E slots allow you to use something like http://www.scan.co.uk/products/8-port-supermicro-sas-sata-card-(aoc-sas2lp-mv8) to extend the amount of hard drives you can attach, a lot of server boards will allow you to use the x16 slots for these as well, not sure about consumer boards (usually you have to use a graphics card in those slots I think), my motherboard allows me to add 3 of those for a maximum capacity of 30 harddrives (3 x 8 + 6 on board).

    24/7 drives are only really important if you are using RAID where the drives will be spun up all the time, if you are using something like Unraid where the drives spin down when inactive it may not be so important, however, I would still use green drives, you don’t need anything faster for home use and the power savings are worth while.

    Talking of Unraid, it allows you to use hardrives of any size (as long as the parity drive is as large as or larger than the biggest data drive), whereas if you are using RAID all your drives need to be the same size.

    Not sure additional network cards and link aggregation will offer much benefit unless you are running RAID as on a gigabit network you are probably going to be limited by the speed on the data drive.

  224. Kode says:

    I personally use Unraid as it’s feature set was perfect for my needs (recoverable from a single HD failure, lose 2 or more disks only lose what is on those disks, not the entire array, drives spin down when not being used) however, it’s not as flexible or at least not as easily flexible as something built on say debian or ubuntu, on the other hand, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  225. SFJunkie says:

    Thanks Akovia, this is very clear.Thanks for taking the time to explain it all.

  226. Jimmy says:

    I suppose it some kind of reflection. maybe here you will find the answer http://fanart.tv/2012/11/reflective-cdart/

  227. nameBrandon says:

    I just got done doing this with OpenMediaVault (built on debian squeeze). Was very easy and the web-gui is very intuitive.

  228. bluemaxx says:

    I’ve had a NAS for years. Minimal Ubuntu install with OpenSSH and SAMBA. Anything more is just bloat and unnecessary if you’re operating exclusively on your own private network.
    I haven’t had to touch any settings for about four years now due to the simplicity.
    The only additional software I use is Deluge for bittorrent and Very Secure FTP Daemon (vsftpd). Those are just personal choice.

    Nowadays I’d have went with Arch rather than Ubuntu, it’s got much better documentation, is a better system to learn linux configuration on and is a rolling release.

  229. egregore says:

    I don’t mind ads if they’re non-invasive. If they’re in your face then I’ll generally make a point of not buying that product.

    I like the stance you take here.

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  231. seaner992 says:

    Nice tutorial @SchadLucas!
    I’m running Debian Netinst on my nas. It’s a little lighter than Ubuntu Minimal, but you really can’t tell a diffrence.

    – If you have a device that only supports dlna, minidlna works nice for that.
    — Config file: /etc/minidlna.conf
    — /etc/init.d/minidlna – Change “USER=minidlna” to “USER=YourUserName”
    — service minidlna force-reload

    – When installing software, add “–no-install-recommends” to the end, to keep excess packages from installing. (sudo apt-get install openssh-server –no-install-recommends)

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  246. paulo3030 says:

    Nice work guys! beautiful womens, no doubts….

    Great site! congrats to the owners, staff and designers. thumbs up!!!

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  263. ezz9 says:

    Cool, I wonder what country’s are blocking them.

  264. quigonjean says:

    fanart is better. I’m really dissapointed by AlbumArtExchange’s policy of blocking my country. I was a contributor too, so I felt that they have no respect for active users.

  265. drumnugget says:

    Fanart.tv seems to be used by a lot of third party applications. In fact, it all integrates so well that I didn’t know this until recently!

    However, now that I do, it did not take me very long to decide to support Fanart.tv by subscribing as a VIP. Thanks to all the artists who contribute their art.

  266. shades79 says:

    “high resolution of 1000 x 1000px”
    I disagree and wouldn’t go around calling that “high resolution”.
    I think this will hurt you guys down the track as display technologies advance.

    But on the whole, fanart.tv is doing a lot of things right (as summarised above) and is far superior to AlbumArtExchange’s image dumping ground.

    • ZincRider says:

      1000×1000 is more than you can get out of most CD covers. I agree that bigger is better in the days of full HD and larger cellphone screens, but one would have to scan vinyl covers for that – which is exactly where AAE’s strong point is. A lot of their members do just that, which is why they often have the best version on the web.

  267. Hans Wurst says:

    I’m perfectly with you that you are doing a moderated quality control here.
    It’s a lot of work (respect!) and good for sorting out the rubbish you find a lot at albumartexchange.

    But like you said it makes it difficult to close the gaps. I have a lot covers in 600×600 or backdrops that are grainy etc.
    Why? Because I prefer to have a low quality image over having none for the artist, album etc.
    And sometimes the contents of the images is just worth it so I go with lower quality.

    So besides your better accesibility you are doing something great by sorting the incoming stuff.

    But the perfect thing would be to allow two classes of pictures. You could give them the a HQ or LQ flag.
    Everybody scraping later would get by default only the HQ so you can keep your reputation but the scraper settings would allow for
    – HQ only
    – LQ allowed if no HQ exists
    – gimme all your stuff
    So everybody could decide for what quality level he goes for.

    If this is to difficult to manage or technically to programm for the scrapers .. ok .. but please keep it in mind if you think it might become possible.

    By the way by LQ I don’t mean you should accept 300×300 pics. All pictures should be same size (upscaled if neccessary) so technically they have the same size to make it easier to use them later.
    Everybody uploading should still look for clean edges. No text inside the picture etc.
    These rules are necessary and great you check them!

    But a lot of images you just don’t find in a better quality before you crop and prepare them for your media center.
    I like a lot older music. Pictures of the 50s 60s are most of the time are grainy and I’m just happy if I find something at all.
    Another reason I keep LQ images is for musicians when I can see them playing live in action.
    The live situation showing the stage presence of an artist captures (depending on the musician) much better what music is about in contrast to HQ images which can be nice looking but steril.

    Has anybody found a good backdrop image for the sugarcubes (Bjork’s old band)?
    It’s just another tough nut to crack.. πŸ™‚

    • ZincRider says:

      I don’t see any reason to have lower quality images here. There are plenty of other sites for that.

      If there’s no good quality image for a cover you need, you should consider making one yourself. Most scans you can find on the web are crap, anyway. They usually have some kind of moire that is hard to get rid off. Just make a 600dpi scan and you can properly descreen it.

      Just copying and pasting other peoples scans isn’t gonna bring us forward all that much. If we want the best covers here, we need to create the best source images we can first.

  268. Hans Wurst says:

    Hey! After making that joke and giving up on the sugarcubes some years ago..
    You got something on fanart.tv! Thank god for fanart.tv! πŸ™‚

  269. akovia says:

    WTF!!! Fan-F’N-Tastic!!
    Keep em’ coming Shevman!
    One note:
    You should have it only run once as it’s hard to tell when it ends. On the last page you could point them to the relevant tutorials or resources.

    Anyway, I love it!

  270. urlybird says:

    “Software using v3, sending a valid personal API key, and that user is a VIP member will see the image immediately.”

    I have Kodi with Artist Slideshow configured with my API but I get messages as follows


    Am I doing something wrong.?

    • Kode says:

      is the api key you are using a personal API key? If so you need to still use a normal API key, the personal API key is an optional additional key not a replacement

  271. Dhanavarsh Reddy says:

    Really fanart is far better than albumartexchange. They are uploading different resolution covers with different quality, but fanart allows only one good quality (perfect square).

    • ZincRider says:

      AAE insists on standard sizing, but they do allow non-square album art because there are non square covers (like digipacks). Makes sense to me. The site is moderated as well to ensure the quality is good, but the standards are different from fanart’s of course.
      There is a lot of low quality art on either site. Art on fanart tends to be overprocessed more often. I see a lot of stuff with blown out shadows and highlights here. Heavy handed denoising is starting to become a problem. Personally I prefer underprocessed images. Gotta have something to work with. πŸ™‚
      The good thing about AAE is that they have a large community of people who actually scan covers and are doing fairly well at processing them. It’s not as if that doesn’t happen on fanart as well, but I think I see a larger percentage of covers from web sources here. Certain users do hardly anything but collecting images on AAE, tweaking them (rarely for the better) and uploading their versions here.

  272. If fanart has collecting covers from AAE, which is also useful for those who can’t access AAE.You can see a lot of cdArts here, those who scans cdArts definitely scans album covers.Definitely most of the covers are from web sources, but those are retouched and edited before posting them.Most of the covers are in good quality. Some of them has scan moire pattern, blurry, compression artifacts and dust elements, those can be replaced when HQ is available.Fanart has superior and rich browsing interface.All you need is good quality artworks, no matter where it comes from.

    • Silverfox says:

      First off, Fanart is not far better than AAE. (Btw, no one on AAE is paying me to say that.) All things being equal, both have their merits. As for Fanart being “…useful for those who can’t access AAE.” If I’m interpreting what you said correctly in so far as the overall context, try telling that to the contributors and head honchos on that site and report back to us what sort of response(s) you get. I’m quite sure no one over there (and over here for that matter) looks highly upon all this swapping going on.
      As an aside I stated it very briefly within one post in that now infamous thread over in the Forum section, and will elaborate a bit here in this post. As a rule I don’t bother too much with AAE because most of the time one can find the same exact images online (e.g., Google, iTunes, etc.) Now if one wants to be a lazy s.o.b. and grab images from there and vice-versa without a bit of blood, sweat, and tears, I’m not exactly going to hold a gun to your head. All the same you’re still a lazy s.o.b., and dare I say bringing down one or several notches the respectability of each site. Granted, there are probably a host of reasons for pilfering images from one site or the other (e.g., September’s ‘Cry For You’ which I could no longer fine a suitable 1500×1500 online, and downloaded the solo one of Petra Marklund on AAX and downloaded another one from Google with the album title and combined them both). But I hasted to add it should only be as a last resort and not habitually.
      Lastly, I agree with mostly everything ZincRider. He’s a got a good pulse on things, and I can back him up because I, too, have observed more or less the same thing.

      • You can download September’s Cry for You (1500X1500) from Canadian iTunes store.

        • Silverfox says:

          Though I had in mind the album version and not the various singles of ‘Cry For You’, I had already known for many months that the Canadian store had certain 1500px scans of September’s discography. In one or two cases iTunes Canada was the only store that had them compared to the others worldwide. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really use any of their images with the exception of 2 or 3. Most of the images of September (a.k.a. Petra Marklund for those unfamiliar with her) that I put up here recently are from better sources. Thank you all the same!
          Speaking of iTunes, they are quite a hit or miss. Despite that it’s good to know they are one of several sources one can go to, and hopefully come away with more ‘hits’ than ‘misses.’

  273. zorensen says:

    Good to know! Thanks for the update, Kode! πŸ™‚

  274. Kode says:

    The undocumented method 301 redirects to the correct method now so it shouldn’t cause any headaches

  275. McVicar says:

    Unfortunately I do not have a credit card, there is another possibility to pay the membership fee.

  276. McVicar says:

    I want to be a vip member. And I want to pay but I have no Paypal and no credit card. Is there another way to pay off?

  277. Kode says:

    I suppose I could set up bitcoin maybe?

  278. j7n says:

    The image in the title indeed symbolizes AAX extremely well. That site has a confusing policy. On one hand, they invite users to engage with them via social media, and have recently begun watermarking their images for unregistered users with their name. On the other hand, they put wide sweeping bans in effect. When I could still access the resource, they invited people to sign up, but signups were actually disabled at the time. Go figure. I wonder if they are related to filmtracks.com, who put a pompous ban in place at about the same time… Rant over.
    I found Fanart through Google, and have used artwork from your fine site many times. 1000 pixels is indeed high quality, and near the top end to what I would use as a the default picture for an album. 1 megabyte is the absolute top limit. Images larger than that slow down browsing of a media library, use more memory and network latency. I do collect high-definition artwork, if availabe, mostly form Vinyl scans, but put that in a subdirectory, where it can be viewed on demand. I also always choose square artwork, even if that means slight over-cropping without cutting off important parts.
    I do also find that most artwork here tends to be overprocessed, “digitally remastered”, either because a single artist with a certain flawed vision is working on it, or – I hope not – it is dictated by your rules. Common artifacts are obvious noise reduction on parts of the image, blurring, clipping of shadows or highlights when they were not nearly black or white in the original, and halos from sharpening or resizing with cubic/lanczos filters. That looks extremely ugly on captions, but often okay on photographic sections.
    I think that strict enforecement of 1000 pixels serves little useful purpose. If the source image is near that size, let’s say 952 or 1417 pixels, as is quite common, little is gained from resampling it. Quality is instead lost from scaling (blur or halos) and re-encoding (banding, blocking). The layout of everyone’s media library is different. You can’t count on the artwork display box being this size or an integral multiple of it. In my collection, I go with a “preview quality” 600-1000 (1420 for plain art) pixels, and “high” definition with anything greater.
    Digital artwork of modern day releases should be archived as is without rescaling. It is usually available within a year of an album’s publication, but is difficult to find later, as most versions on the open web are transcoded or “minified” automatically.
    MusicBrainz is another good site for artwork. I sometimes contribute to it, if I can find a matching edition.

  279. ronramseur says:

    I am so confused.. what did I just pay for? I saw a link in Exodus that says become a VIP member for many benefits. So I paid and joined. I’m reading but I don’t understand how this works. Any suggestions? Thanks

  280. battista72 says:

    How do i enter my VIP code to KODI?

  281. rschiks says:

    I just became a lifetime VIP member! Keep up the great work!

  282. What is the Long small rectangle with the large X beside it when doing a search for title of movie or TV show?

  283. NUVPR says:

    I was a contributor on AAX for several years, when the country block was set up I contacted the website admin directly hoping he would allow me to use the website again, but he never answered despite seeing my message.Fanart is a great website and convenient alternative to AAX, but the 1000×1000 requirement is a bit limiting considering a lot of old music covers only exist digitally in smaller resolutions (600×600 and up).
    One suggestion I had was allowing users to add entries from official websites other than MusicBrainz, namely Discogs and iTunes since they are highly accurate and up to date. This would help speed up the addition process significantly.

  284. speedmoska says:

    I hope that the problems in the activity section will be as solvent as possible. I encourage and greet

  285. Capistrano says:

    I’ve added some images to a download queue, but where can I find my download queue?

  286. Mabg says:

    I have a png image that I edited myself and I just want to contribute free of charge to other fans of the series who want to find images of the TV program. The page devoted to (2004 – 2005) MEDICAL INVESTIGATION is empty. I edited an image and the site does not accept it. Each time I try to adapt the image to the page requirements, the requirements are changed …

  287. mofa says:

    How does my contribution influence my pending queue number?

    Where to find out my queue limit?

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