Amazon is looking to make a push into the original content game by backing the following four shows.

The 100 Deaths of Mort Grimley
Creator: Angel Castillo
Premise: In this animated comedy, Hell desperately needs new customers. And Mort Grimley, new to the Underworld after accidentally taking his own life, is offered a deal; get Hell’s numbers up and maybe get a transfer out (and up), or face eternity in fire and brimstone alongside the cruel mother he tried to escape.

Creator: Nathan Thomas
Premise: This mockumentary follows an ensemble of diverse characters as they ready themselves for the supposed end of the world — including the guru who made the doomsday prediction.

Magic Monkey Billionaire
Creator: Diana Wright
Premise: When their wealthy magician owner suddenly dies, his two animal assistants — Rabbit and Monkey — are shocked to learn that Monkey alone has been left his billions, soon unleashing the ultimate forces of good and evil as former friends turn to arch enemies.

The children’s project is: Buck Plaidsheep
Creators: Frank Suarez (artist) and Clark Stubbs (writer)
Premise: Buck Plaidsheep chronicles the adventures of a courageous little critter named Buck. Whenever there’s a problem on Fleecy Farm, Buck races full-speed into action in one of his souped-up vehicles. And although things may not always go as planned, it’s Buck’s “never give up” attitude that makes him the sheep that always saves the day!

Personally I will check out Doomsday, that sounds like it could be fun.

I will probably at least try Magic Monkey Billionaire but I am just not too sure.

I think it is really smart to have a children’s show, if you made something amazing you could bring in a lot of new Amazon Prime/Netflix subscripts by word of mouth and merchandise, which Amazon would be perfectly positioned for. I could see someone at school wearing a shirt with a neat little creature and another kid asking who that was. Next thing you know you just HAVE to have the ability to watch that show.

What do you all think, anything look good to you?

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