About 5 months ago we added a Contributor statistics section, but other than a brief mention in a newsletter at the time we haven’t really explained what it is, how it’s used, and how to earn points.

Firstly, don’t take it too seriously, we added it to create some friendly rivalry, and hopefully encourage people to become more involved in the site as well as giving people identifiable objectives to achieve.

Submitting images

The first and probably most important way to earn points is by contributing artwork.  The key on the contributor statistics page shows how many points are awarded for each image type based on complexity to create and importance to the site.

Creating tutorials

A well written, informative tutorial can earn you a lot of points, however, there are some things to note to get the maximum points possible.

    1. We much favour a written only tutorial over a video only tutorial
    2. We much favour a video tutorial in addition to a written tutorial
    3. A video with audio narrative will get you maximum points.

So what are they worth?

    • Video only tutorial – 100 points
    • Written only tutorial – 100 – 500 points, based on complexity and quality.
    • Written tutorial + video tutorial counterpart – 100 – 500 points for the written part + 500 points for the video.
    • Written tutorial + video with audio counterpart – 100 – 500 points for the written part + 1000 points for the video.

So that video only tutorial that earns you 100 points, add a written version as well and it becomes worth up to an extra 900 points (400 without audio), meaning you could earn up to a minimum of 600 points and a maximum 1,500 points for a single tutorial.

Become a mod

Being a mod is a hard and mostly thankless task, but it qualifies you for an immediate 10,000 point bonus for as long as you remain an active mod, if you are removed from the moderator team you will lose that bonus.

Help out in some other way

From time to time we may appoint extra points for members who help us out in some other manner, such as Hazmat helping create the intro for our youtube videos.