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Moderator guidelines

This page contains some guidelines for moderators. These will give you some idea on what is expected from being a moderator.
These are guidelines not rules however we do ask you to follow them when possible.
If you feel that there needs to be something added, removed or adjusted just contact us so we can discuss this.


  • Do try to give users clear instructions on what is wrong and why, and if possible suggest ways they can fix the image.
  • Try speaking to the user before denying an image if possible, sometimes images are denied for flaws that are intentional. We now also have the comment box when uploading so users can provide certain feedback when uploading
  • Try to be patient with users, it’s not always easy but try to give them encouragement. We have already seen this being effective. When giving positive advice the users improved and are now contributing some real quality art.
  • If an image is bad, deny it, don’t feel bad about it, just make sure you give clear reasons why it was denied and how to improve.
  • I you are not certain if an image should be approved leave the image pending and/or ask another moderator for a second opinion.


  • Do not approve crap images. We maintain a relative high standard on quality images and we want to keep it that way.
  • Do not approve images that don’t meet the guidelines as outlined in the rules tabs that are provided in each image section.
  • Do not approve your own images. Every one can make mistakes or just misses a spot. Let another moderator judge your images. We can learn from each other on how to improve. Quite often an image is uploaded that just has something not right with it and other mods don’t feel comfortable speaking to the mod after they have approved the image themselves. We are all grown ups so talk to each other about denying images (even if it is from your fellow moderator)
  • Do not approve an image because the user has tried so many times and you feel sorry for them, if an image isn’t right, it isn’t right.
  • Don’t be overly picky, its a difficult line to tread, so the best option is to try to speak to the user first or again ask another moderator for a second opinion.

Remember, we would rather have no image than a crappy image, but a good image with minor flaws than no image at all (a lot of denied images never get resubmitted, however minor the changes needed).

On the new site images will have the ability to be marked as replace, so you will be able to approve the image, mark it as replace and ask the user to fix the issues, if they do, great, if they don’t at least we have a pretty good image.

Sometimes a duplicate image is uploaded by mistake, in these cases use the delete button instead of deny, otherwise the user will end up with a denied image in their list when they might have an approved image already. This also unnecessary pollutes the denied list.

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