Today we have added EIGHT new image types, the most we have ever added in one go before, and in an unprecedented move we have no images available for any of them!

With thetvdb having issues with bandwidth (that should be resolved soon) we decided to add banner support here (both season and series) to hopefully help alleviate some of the stress, but as this is we decided to raise the bar a bit to prepare for future sized big screens….

We have kept the aspect ratio the same but changed the image size to 1000 x 185px and more than that, we have added banner support across all 3 sections!

We have also decided to add support for “HD ClearLOGOs”

These are going to be hard to come by as they are so much bigger and so we have added them as a new section rather than changing the the current allowed size, however, there is an important reason for this…

We are looking to address some of the shortcomings of the old style, so the new format will have the following features.

  1. Center aligned both vertically and horizontally (as opposed to the bottom align of the old logos)
  2. 800 x 310 pixels
  3. 10 pixel gutter. So the maximum size of the actual image will technically be 780 x 290px with a 10px gutter all the way around to allow for drop shadows / outer glow.

And last but not least, we have added Movie Thumb support, however, as always we are raising the bar and have set the images at 1000 x 562px.

We hope you all are as excited about these challenges as we are!



Seems like the first ones are coming in already. Here are some nice examples of what we had in mind.