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Page not available as requested by Endemol Shine North America

Unfortunately the copyright holder or an agent working on their behalf has forced us to remove this page. A copy of the complaint is at the bottom.

I replied to the complaint with

Thank you for your email, sorry it’s taken so long to reply, moderators are supposed to check this account and let me know of anything that requires my attention, clearly that has not been happening.

At it’s core, fanart.tv is an archive of high quality images. It’s a free resource anyone can use, comprising of images submitted by superfans.

The images we store are mostly promotional images. We provide them free of charge. They are visual representations of the product, not the product itself. They add value to the actual products by making fans collections look that much better. They are free promotion for the end products. They help generate additional hype for the end products. And finally they aren’t high enough resolution to be printed.

With all that said, please send me links to all the images you want taken down and I’ll make sure it’s done within 48 hours. The whole purpose of this site is to create the best possible experience for fans, not to annoy copyright holders, if you don’t want your image on our site and available to your fans through the site, then we don’t want it on the site either.

But unfortunately they required the entire page be removed.

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