We know adverts are annoying, but for websites offering free services and without a sponsor, they are a very important part of keeping that service running.

On the other hand a lot of our users already help us in other ways, so to thank them we will be giving users the ability to turn off ads if they match one of the following conditions.


Anyone with an active VIP membership should not see ads.


Moderators do a hard and thankless job, this is just a small thing we can do to say thank you.


Anyone who has had over 50 clearlogos/cleararts/cdarts/characterarts approved will be able to turn off the ads.

Anyone who has had over 500 of the other types of images approved will also be able to turn the ads off.


From now on if you make a single donation that is over £20 you wont see an ad again for a year, make a single donation over £50 and you wont see an ad ever again (at least not on fanart.tv, we have no control over other sites)