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NameMember SincePositionLanguageSpecialtyLast Mod Action
KodeDec 2010FounderENCoding1 month 3 weeks
ArieSOct 2012AdminEN / FRAll4 hours 26 minutes
leepennyJan 2011Senior ModENDisc Art1 week 1 day
ShevmanFeb 2013Senior ModEN / RUTV/Movies2 minutes 52 seconds
SimcheJan 2013Senior ModEN / GERAll10 months 1 week
MordredOct 2012Experienced ModENMusic19 hours 55 minutes
AL3XJun 2015ModeratorENTV/Movies
EskyMay 2014ModeratorENAll1 month 1 week
hslanskyOct 2014ModeratorENTV/Movies1 hour 6 minutes
McVicarJune 2015ModeratorEN / DEMusic1 month 2 weeks
wildermikeDec 2013ModeratorENTV/Movies




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