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fanart.tv competition winners

By Kode | | Competitions, Latest News, Website

So our very first competition has ended, and the winners have been drawn, congratulations to the winners!\r\n\r\nMetabrowser License winners\r\n \r\n Furby – California, USA \r\n Colin Woodward – New York, USA \r\n Jennifer Lynn – UK \r\n \r\nPulse-eight NYXboard Remote winners\r\n \r\n Ángel Víctor Gámez Guinto – Mexico \r\n Daniel Schoonover – Orange, CA USA \r\n Þorkell Pétursson – Iceland \r\n Lee Pennington – Kent, UK \r\n Simon – Kent, UK \r\n \r\nPulse-eight CEC adapter winners\r\n \r\n Thomas Kanara – Auckland, New Zealand \r\n Nick Kuras – IL, USA \r\n Alfie Davidson – Somerset, UK \r\n Jacquie Bennett – Sheffield, …
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libCEC 1.8.0 Firmware upgrade and Raspberry Pi support

By Martijn | | Media Centre, XBMC

They guys of Pulse-Eight (who also sponsored our contest with some great gadgets) have just announced a new firmware upgrade for their libCEC library.\r\n\r\nThe software that allows you to control XBMC with your TV remote through the HDMI cable and CEC adapter contains a numbers of bug fixes and improved compatibility.\r\n\r\nBesides that it now also support the Raspberry Pi board without the CEC adapter or any other special wires besides an HDMI cable. So just pick up your TV remote and you can control XBMC. This will be included in the OpenELEC version of XBMC\r\n\r\nFor the full story go to …
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