We have talked to Passion-XBMC members a couple of times about working more closely together, and while those talks are still in early stages their community has been extremely supportive of us.

This last month our friends at the french community Passion-XBMC set up a donation drive for us spearheaded by their member mikebzh44, and the end result was truly amazing, they managed to raise the biggest ever single donation of £458.65!  Which has catapulted us to 60% of our target.

As many of you know, we are looking to raise £1440 by the beginning of January in order to pay for our hosting up front for the year in order to allow us focus on the site and not have to worry on a month to month basis if we will raise enough to pay for the site, efforts like this and that of the xbmcnerds donation drive have really encouraged us that we can continue to build fanart.tv and grow.

If you would also like to help us reach our goal you can either donate on our donation page or even better, become an Associated Fanart member and not only help us raise the funds we need but have an actual say into the direction the site takes.