Cutting out hair with PhotoShop

Published by: @Kode - August 14, 2012
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Difficulty: Advanced Est Time: 30mins Software: Photoshop Category: CharacterART, ClearART

We are offering a bounty of 2,600 Contributor Points for anyone willing to recreate this tutorial for Must cover what’s in this video and how it applies to art. Tutorial must also include text instructions to accompany the talking video. This is not an easy task which is why we are offering so many points.. If you are interested, please contact @akovia. This way you can be informed if someone else is also working on it. The first person to finish while meeting the criteria will get the bounty. If more than one tutorial is done, it can still be posted here, but the bounty goes to the first. All others will receive the standard 1,300 points.

This tutorial focuses on the most popular method for extracting hair from a background using PhotoShop. The resulting image can then be used for a multitude of images for like CharacterART and ClearART. It can even be used to create banners, posters and most other types of images, which makes this a very important technique for creating art for the site.


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