Poster Creation Basics (Gimp & Photoshop)

Published by: @akovia - August 23, 2014
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Difficulty: Intermediate Est Time: 20mins Software: GIMP Category: Graphics General, Posters
This tutorial was done in gimp, but the basic techniques and procedures should translate easily to Photoshop. If you need more precise help doing this in Photoshop, just ask for help in the Photoshop Chat forum thread.


This tutorial goes over some of the pitfalls you might run into when creating a poster for, and how to address each one so you can avoid unnecessary denials. It is also a tutorial for creating a poster from scratch, but the main focus is how to avoid common problems. It also covers some basics on how to search for better images if you don’t have a great source.

You may also be interested in this tutorial. Gimp from Scratch – Part 3 (Begin Producing Art). It also covers creating a poster from scratch, but it might be difficult to follow if you didn’t watch the preceding videos. Either way, I’m sure you can find some useful information in both.


  • How to Search for Sources
  • Proper Cropping
  • Checking Edges
  • Gimp ReSynthesize (Heal Selection) / Photoshop Content Aware Fill
  • Gimp Heal Tool / Photoshop Healing Brush
All videos will be available in HD, so make sure you select HD for playback on youtube. (click the gear icon and select 1080p)

Additional Resources:

Good Sites for sources
Forum topic covering good source searching techniques for Google Image Search.

Search Guide (for requesters)
Forum topic to list sites where great sources can be found.

Gimp from Scratch – Part 3 (Begin Producing Art)
Another poster creation tutorial.

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