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Image Cleaning and Prep x4

Description: \r\nImage cleaning is a subject that covers many tools and techniques. This page will show some possibilities of what can be achieved, and the tools used to get there. All images here wer...
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Checking Image Edges x6

Description: \r\nQuick tutorial on how to check image edges before submitting to the site.\r\n\r\nChecking the edges of your images is both quick and easy and should be done on every single submission...
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Scanning cover art – better source images for better covers x51

Are you struggling to fix scans you found on the net? Why bother touching up source images of questionable quality when you could easily create better ones? As a music or movie enthusiast you probably...
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Templates for Images x7

Description: \r\nHere are the templates to create images for the site. They have several layers with different colored backgrounds (the same we use to inspect images in the pending queues) They also h...
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Identify a Font x13

Description: \r\nThis tutorial will cover a few ways to identify and track down a font. This is essential if you want to create logos from scratch. Especially when there is no high quality source ava...
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How to Search for Images x6

Description: \r\nThis tutorial will cover some searching techniques for finding high quality artwork to use for fanart sources. By far the most common way to search for an image is to use Google, but ...
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How to Calibrate your Monitor x4

Description: \r\nIf you plan on contributing to the site, it is imperative that your monitor is calibrated so you will be able to distinguish between subtle differences in colors and levels. This wil...
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Why Your Artwork May Be Denied x21

Description: \r\nThis is more a reference page than a tutorial for explaining the most common reasons we deny artwork on the site. The image examples should help you identify the problem you may be ha...
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Poster Creation Basics (Gimp & Photoshop) x8

*Note* This tutorial was done in gimp, but the basic techniques and procedures should translate easily to Photoshop. If you need more precise help doing this in Photoshop, just ask for help in the Ph...
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Gimp from Scratch – Part 5 (Render Image and Create HDClearART) x3

Part 1: Exploring and Setting up Gimp Part 2: Intro to Filters and Plugins Part 3: Begin Producing Ar Part 4: Intro to Paths and Create HDClearLogo Part 5: Render Image and Create HDClearART  ...
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