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Moderating Fanart.TV

Looking for Moderators We usually do not have an open call for moderators and try to contact people individually that have consistently shown great artwork with little to no denials for a steady perio...
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How to get Help

Fanart.tv has a lot of resources available to help with just about anything. Finding that information is another matter altogether. This tutorial should help you find that information so you can unloc...
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How to Delete an Uploaded Image Before it is Moderated

You can use the dashboard link under the gauge logo at the top left of every page. Navigate to the proper section on the left menu, (Movie Fanart / Music Fanart / TV Fanart) then select the the R...
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How Fanart.tv Works x8

The Ins and Outs of the Fanart.tv Database This has been a point of confusion for a long time and I hope to clear this up a bit. There are a couple of key points to remember that will make this easier...
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Add album to the database x46

Description: Sometimes when browsing through the Music Section of fanart.tv, you will notice that the site is missing an album you want to upload your great looking album covers for. Adding albums to ...
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Fanart.tv Browser Enhancements x5

Imagus – Enlarge thumbnails, and show images/videos from links with a mouse hover. ImagusMOD – A custom modification to Imagus that allows for Cycling through background colors. Stylish &#...
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Getting Started x1

Welcome Welcome to fanart.tv and thank you for joining.We hope you enjoy this site as much as we do. If you know your way around with graphical software consider contributing artwork for everyone to e...
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Navigating Fanart.tv x1

Well you managed to find your way here. Now let’s go exploring! This site has many faces that might not be so obvious to the uninitiated. The aim of this guide is to help you understand how ever...
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Pidgin IRC Quickstart Guide x2

Description: This guide will use the Pidgin universal chat client, but the general instructions should apply to just about any chat/irc client. Pidgin is completely free and will work on Windows, Linu...
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