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VIP Members

We are very proud of the fanart.tv community, over the years it has enabled us to survive and grow and we believe it’s a very supporting community.

If you have come here from a link in a plugin, the plugin is suggesting you help support us in order to cope with the massive burden those plugins place on us, WE ARE NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED TO ANY PLUGIN, so PLEASE, do not place added admin burden on us by paying then opening a paypal case suggesting you have been misled or we are a scam, nobody is forcing you to pay anything but we are VERY grateful when plugin users help us pay the bills those same plugins place on us.

This is your chance to help us out even more! Supporting fanart.tv by becoming a VIP member unlocks some extra features which will be expanded in the coming months, and more importantly helps us afford faster servers to keep up with the increases in demand.

We are hoping to gain enough VIP members that we don’t have to show the donation begging banner all the time, however you don’t have to become a VIP member to get the basic functionality we have always supplied, we are just giving some nice extras to VIP members.

Associated Fanart members are already identified as VIP members so you don’t need to (and indeed, shouldn’t) sign up again.


  • Quicker API responses
  • Hide all advertising
  • Members only discussion forum
  • VIP badge
  • Additional 3 requests
  • Additional 5 pending
  • Up to 2 votes per image
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  • All VIP benefits
  • Up to 3 votes per image
  • trakt.tv integration for favourite shows (future planned addition)
  • Push notifications (future planned addition)
  • Personal showcase page (future planned addition)
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