Welcome to the new site and the very first fanart.tv blog post.

There have been a lot of changes over the last few months and we have lots more planned so stay tuned.

First up, the API has changed considerably, so if you have developed an app that uses our API you will need to update it as soon as possible, failing that the old API will run concurrently for a month or so, so you have plenty of time to make the change.

You can find the documentation for the various APIs here.

In order to use the API you will need an API key, you can get one from here.

As you may have noticed the website has had a facelift.

We hope you like the look of the new site and in the coming months we will be adding new features to improve your experience.

New features:

  • Download queue – You can now select several images before you download them, they will then be zipped up, given the correct name and put into folders. (still to do)
  • Vote for your favourite image – Logged in users can vote for their favourite images, the highest rated images are shown first by default in the API
  • New sections – I have rewritten the site to make it easier to add new sections and image types, with this change we have added the Movie and Game sections to the website.
  • User functons – We have added buddypress to the site, this enables some new functions for users such as private messaging. (still needs styling properly but functionality should be there)
  • Season support – We have added season number support to the season thumbs
  • Language support – We have added language support to the TV and Movie sections

There is still lots to do but we decided it was at a stage where people could start using it while we added the extra bits.