Sorry for the late posting, I was in Indianapolis this weekend for a wedding, here is what I watched this past week!

Better off Ted – S02E13
This episode was unaired in the US, I LOVED this show, if you have not seen it and like amazing half hour comedies that have a lot of wit and snark. You will no doubt love this show. I was able to procure this episode and was finally able to watch it. It was great and I am not to sure why it was not aired in the US. It had a lot of what made this show great not to mention a payoff for all of us hoping that Ted and Linda would get together. It had a lot of Phil and Lem which was nice, as I thought those guys brought lightheartedness to the show. Veronica was as ambitious as ever, taking an older exec on a treasure hunt through VD.

Common Law – S01E05
This episode, to me, made the previous 4 worth it. It seems that I like it when the guys are open and a little vulnerable with each other, the sessions in therapy were great and the group was very funny at the end. The FBI agents were a nice idea to draw the focus away from Wes and Travis in-fighting constantly.

Eureka – S05E09
All I can say is a smarter Carter is a funny Carter, I thought it was great to see Jack in this new light. Really shows some range for Colin Ferguson as well, great job to him! I have also been enjoying the Holly arc, it’s nice to see Fargo grow as a character a little. Not to mention the mad scientist plans Henry and Zane get to come up with.

Fairly Legal – S02E13
The finale was great! It had some great resolutions and movement of the plot, definitely left us on a cliff hanger! It was nice to see Lauren’s character being fleshed out a bit more and making her a bit more sympathetic rather than being the stuck up, snobby boss of season 1. Not to say to much but I hope that events don’t lead to less of Justin, I like his character quite a bit.

Falling Skies – S02E01-02
This week brought the return of one of basic cables better Sci-Fi series, the first season could get a little drama heavy for me but I think this season will really push this series in a new direction. Tom is back and as interesting as ever, Tom’s boys have grown significantly. I am really looking forward to see the relationship change between Ben and Hal. I am also glad that Pope seems to have a bigger part this season, I really like his character. I am really looking forward to all of the trouble he will get into “leading” a group of renegades/outcasts. I think the addition of Jamil will add an interesting dynamic to the show, with his engineering mind, he could have some great ideas that will help protect the 2nd Mass.

The Legend of Korra – S01E10
What a great episode! Really moved the plot along this week, just like S02E08. Amon is really making his moves now and I can finally see how they could have this series run for 4 seasons like the previous Avatar. I loved the head nod to Avatar at the end there with Gen. Iro. I personally cannot wait for next week!

What did you all watch, is there anything I should be watching that I am not yet?

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