As some of you may or may not know, Kode runs a site called lockstockmods, though that was before this site took over his life.  Over two years ago, in a small section of the site he started hosting clearlogos for tv shows. That’s where it all started.

Soon after the section started rolling and more and more images were hosted and the API became well used. It became obvious that it deserved it’s own domain. Fast forward to the present and that’s where is now. An artwork site dedicated to improve your media-center, by providing a range of specialized image types to make the most of your media-center experience.

All what you find on this site is contributed by volunteers who spend their time creating these beautiful images. No one gets paid for this and the site is hosted on a dedicated server paid purely by sponsorship, advertising and at the moment mostly private money.

Where are they used?

Hosting a variety of images is great however it has to have some purpose. The past two years the user base of has grown significantly due to one of the programs or websites listed below. They are immensely popular and the rate of new image submission is steadily rising each month. Here is a small grasp of what programs or sites use

What can be found here?

Below is a list of what is hosted today. The site is divided in three sections with each several image types. We are still thinking about what should we add next that would fit the whole media experience. For now this is what we are hosting:

TV Shows

  • Clearlogo
  • ClearArt
  • CharacterArt
  • TV Thumbs
  • Season Thumbs
  • Show Background


  • ClearLogo
  • ClearArt
  • cdArt
  • Movie Backgrounds


  • Clearlogo
  • Artist Background
  • cdArt
  • Album Cover
  • Artist Thumb
  • Record Label


Image missing for a particular movie, tv show or music artist? On the artwork overview page for that specific movie, tv show or music artist there is a request button which allows you to ask a more experienced image artist to create that specific image for you. We do ask to provide some information like some example images, website links or the used letter type font in the original image. You can also add some extra comment specifying what exactly you are looking for. There is a limit on how many images you can request because we don’t want one person start requesting all his missing images at once. We all should be thankful if even a couple of them would be made on request.

Image moderation

After the images get uploaded, a team of moderators will get to work to see if the images meet the standards that are set. They will check if the quality is good, no stray pixels or small mistakes are made. Even experienced artists can make mistakes so a second pair of eyes checking for quality is a good thing. When an images is deemed necessary for rejection the moderator will add a comment on why he rejects the image and what should be improved to get it accepted. When starting to contribute images every one gets a couple of images rejected but after a couple and the help of the moderators the quality will improve and there will hardly be any rejection any more.

Getting started

Like to know how to navigate the site, request or upload images, creating your own artwork, reading tutorials or downloads one of the available templates? Here’s a little getting started guide that helps you navigate the site.

Full history

A small time line summation of can be found here.

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