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Why is the donation target the amount it is?

We try to pay our hosting costs on a yearly basis, this allows us to concentrate on the site and not worry too much on whether we can afford the hosting on a monthly basis (it also gives us longer to save up, and a target to aim for).

As our bandwidth has significantly increased we have had to increase our infrastructure to compensate.

To give it some context, the site now handles over 700 million requests a day and over 50TB a day.

  • Main servers: £1256.40/yr
  • Varnish/Assets servers: £767.52/yr
  • VPS servers: £179.28/yr
  • Domain: £20/yr (ovh.co.uk)
  • Site/Database backup: £50/yr (codeguard.com)
  • CloudFlare Pro: £240/yr
  • Various License costs: £240/yr

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