This morning there was a post on XBMC talking about one of the Interns from Google’s Summer of Code, he is looking to make the current scrapers even better! But to do that he needs some information, below is a quote of how to help and what data XBMC is looking for:

To do this, we’ve created a script that you can find in the Program Addons folder of your XBMC install called “Statistics gathering for scraping GSoC 2012.” What the script will gather is the bare essential metadata if scanned into the library, title, year, runtime, tvshow, episode number and season number etc. The file path is also stored as it is what generates this data and of great importance to know, saying that I want to note that we will NOT store any username or password information in any part of these URLs, this script is not meant to track the users and it cannot track you! The data is uploaded to a server which we on the team can view and no data about your system except the metadata and file urls are uploaded, no binary data from the files of any kind!

I for one will be sending my data to help in whatever way I can, having the scraper be able to read a lot more file names and import them correctly will be awesome.

UPDATE: If you are using this addon make sure to only submit your data ONCE, otherwise it will muddy the data being gathered.