Some of you guys have certainly read our blog article about the current lack of money for running the servers here:

And so did mad-max, one of the team member of! This is a small German community with around 3000 users which followed the call of mad-max to make a community donation for

They were running this event for 2 weeks and collected from every interested user in their community. At the beginning the expectations were not as high as the real donation. Collecting money for one month server hosting was the goal. The goal was exceeded after 48 hours and the expectations rose.

Nearly two weeks after the first call summed up the event to present it to their user. During the whole event more than 300 PMs were written and read to coordinate it, more than 11 hours of work were put in it and a few beer were drunk 🙂

All in all collected more than 400€!!! Unfortunately PayPal took some of it and the currency exchange brought £304.43 to, which is server hosting for around 4 months!

Started as an idea of one, followed by a great community this is a big deal!

Thank you,, for your support.