Gimp from Scratch – Part 1 (Exploring and Setting up Gimp)

Published by: @akovia - August 19, 2014
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Difficulty: Beginner Est Time: 30mins Software: GIMP Category: Graphics General
Part 1: Exploring and Setting up Gimp
Part 2: Intro to Filters and Plugins
Part 3: Begin Producing Art
Part 4: Intro to Paths and Create HDClearLogo
Part 5: Render Image and Create HDClearART

I’ve never been a public speaker but I bit the bullet since I keep getting asked to do these with sound.

This is going to be a series aimed at helping anyone new to gimp and how to get going from a fresh install. There are plenty of guides on the net for installation so I’ll leave that to you.

The series will cover everything from the first opening, setting preferences, installing filters and plugins, and then doing an actual project. I’m sure I’ll screw up along the way, so please post to the linked forum thread for anything I missed or want more information on. If it’s not planned for a future episode of this series, I can address them here.

Part 1 Topics

  • General usage information.
  • Setting up a few key preferences
  • Partial explanations of menus.
  • Image navigation.
  • Introduction to paint brushes.
  • Short intro to layers.
  • Plugin/Script Folders
  • Plugin Browser
All videos will be available in HD, so make sure you select HD for playback on youtube. (click the gear icon and select 1080p)

Part 1: Exploring and Setting up Gimp
Part 2: Intro to Filters and Plugins
Part 3: Begin Producing Art
Part 4: Intro to Paths and Create HDClearLogo
Part 5: Render Image and Create HDClearART

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