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Terms and Conditions

I’m not a lawyer so I won’t try and baffle you with legal jargon. It basically comes down to you agreeing that you are solely responsible for the content you post and for any consequences of uploading it to fanart.tv and making it publicly available.

This site is about serving the community and any content you upload may be used in any way by us, or anyone, without any kind of attribution or royalty to you, the uploader.

All copyrights are retained by their respective owners and we do not claim to hold the copyright on any images, please make sure you have the copyright owners permission before using an image in a way that may infringe on their copyright.

We are happy to provide a link to a copyright holders site, if we are missing copyright attribution for one of your images, please use the form (by clicking on the “unknown” text next to the copyright symbol) to inform us what is needed.

If your image is on our site without your permission and you want it removed you can either contact us through one of the social media networks we are on (linked in the footer), through the Chat with us button or via the email address outlined in the DMCA process below.

While we are not in the United States, nor do any of our servers reside there, we are happy to comply with any DMCA takedown notice.  The reason is simple, the whole purpose of this site is to create the best possible experience for fans, not to annoy copyright holders, if you don’t want your image on our site and available to your fans through the site, then we don’t want it on the site either.

A large proportion of the artwork on the site is made painstakingly by hand, but as a user contributed site the only thing we moderate is that uploaded images match our quality standards.

With this in mind, if you want your image to which you hold the copyright removed from the site simply email us at [email protected] detailing who you are, stating that you own the copyright and including URLs to the page the image is on and the url to the specific image, any proof that you have backing up your copyright claim will be gratefully received, alternatively provide us with a proper DMCA takedown notice.

Fair Use
While we will remove images at the copyright holders request, we believe we have a fairly good case for fair use, for the following reasons:

    • Images aren’t big enough to be suitable for printing, meaning only the original copyright holder would be able to make use of the image for anything other than displaying on a screen.
    • The images aren’t the actual product in most cases, I.E. an image for the movie Thor, isn’t actually the product – the movie – Thor and so the owner’s rights should be very minimally affected.
    • We provide a completely free service, that anyone can use.
    • The purpose of the site is to help fans get the best looking library possible, which in turn results in higher fan engagement where fans are uploading images, discussing images, voting on their favourite images which also acts as free promotion for the source of their fandom.
    • The images are generally transformative in nature – Where the original image may have been used as say an album cover – it is used by end users as a visual indication linking a physical product (an album) with a non-physical medium (An album they bought digitally, or format shifted), generally displayed in a digital format (in a mediacentre for example).
    • A lot of the images are made painstakingly by hand.
    • Most of the images on the site are PR / Promotional images, that the networks / studios / labels want shared as widely as possible in order to help promote the show / movie / band.
    • The exception to all this would be where the copyright holder is a photographer who makes a living licensing out the images, under this case, uploaders must get the permision from the photographer before uploading their images to the site.

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