Monthly Archives: May 2012

Small change to music API

By Kode | | Website

There has been a small change made to the Music API, for some reason the album cover was listed as “cover” in the xml output and “albumcover” in all other outputs, this has been fixed so it is now “albumcover” in all outputs.

Help us reach a wider audience

By Kode | | Website

We need to reach a wider audience! While the API has had 510,148 unique visitors in the last month, the site itself only received 4,821 unique visitors, most people dont even realise that exists and that is where they are getting their images from, The aim is to get more people involved with the site, and hopefully increasing the image contributions, to that end, please tell your friends about the site, tweet about us, digg us, mention us on your blogs, stumbleupon us, google +1 us, like our facebook page, most of these can be done from the home …
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