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A big increase in traffic on the way

By Kode | | Uncategorized

As some of you might know, is set to remove images from their API results at the end of October. This is intended to reduce their bandwidth by around 850TB/mo. As a result of this change,’s bandwidth is set to massively increase as some developers start using us to provide images instead. This has already started, and in just the last 5 days our bandwidth has doubled. We are currently at about 60-70% capacity, which means it’s likely we are going to need to upgrade some of our infrastructure. If you are in a position to help us …
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Recent Email Issues

By Kode | | Latest News, Website

We have been having issues with people receiving emails recently.  It hasn’t affected everyone, but enough people that we have changed how emails are sent. If you have signed up for an account recently but never received your confirmation email, choosing “Forgot Password” should now allow you to reset your password. New signups should work fine.

The best Usenet provider? No, but it is the perfect Usenet setup

By Kode | | Latest News, Tutorials, Website

When looking for the best Usenet provider I soon realised it was harder than it sounded.  In this post I detail what I think is the perfect Usenet setup, certainly for my needs and I hope yours as well.  I spent a lot of time researching different providers to come up with what I think is the best value option. Some Background I was a Giganews Diamond customer for years, and while I was generally fairly happy with it, I decided to look into whether it was possible to have a more robust setup, for less money, and boy, was …
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