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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Movie Review: Looper

By mizaki | | Movies, Reviews

Looper is the latest by writer and director Rian Johnson. Although he has only made two feature films, excluding Looper, both should be on your watch list: Brick and The Brothers Bloom. So, in my book he is two for two. Can Looper make it three for three? There are a few interesting things about the concept of this film before we even really get going. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe and Bruce Willis plays Old Joe. Yep, in case you missed the trailers or build up: Warning this film contains time travel! Not only that, it is also set in …
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The automatic downloading system.

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By Daniel Sonck | | Uncategorized

Ever wanted to go home, start up your XBMC and see that episode of the TV-show you wanted to watch yesterday, but forgot to watch on TV. Or just wanted that every TV-show that you follow just appears in your XBMC as soon as it is available on the internet? Look no further, as this post will guide you through setting up a system that does exactly that. Please note that it took some time for me to set this system up, which means that this setup will take some time. I would recommend sticking as close to this setup …
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