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Scanning cover art – better source images for better covers x56

Are you struggling to fix scans you found on the net? Why bother touching up source images of questionable quality when you could easily create better ones? As a music or movie enthusiast you probably...
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Why Your Artwork May Be Denied x54

Description: This is more a reference page than a tutorial for explaining the most common reasons we deny artwork on the site. The image examples should help you identify the problem you may be having...
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Add album to the database x46

Description: Sometimes when browsing through the Music Section of fanart.tv, you will notice that the site is missing an album you want to upload your great looking album covers for. Adding albums to ...
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Remove wrinkles, kinks and paper texture from scanned cover art x45

Have you ever scanned a cover that was in poor condition? When I scan old 45rpm record picture sleeves they tend to look like editing nightmares. I’ve actually spent loads of time touching up sleeve...
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Adjusting Color Levels x39

*note* This tutorial is almost useless if you haven’t calibrated your monitor properly. Description:A Practical guide to adjusting color levels in Gimp or Photoshop for beginners. You don’...
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How to Search for Images x37

Description: This tutorial will cover some searching techniques for finding high quality artwork to use for fanart sources. By far the most common way to search for an image is to use Google, but ther...
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CharacterArt Guidelines and Tips x35

Description: Guidelines and tips for creating characterarts. Click the image to view it full size. THE CHARACTER IN THIS IMAGE WOULD NOT BE APPROVED, BECAUSE AS YOU CAN SEE IT DOES NOT FIT WITHIN THE ...
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Creating a cdArt in Photoshop x19

Description: This tutorials goes over how to use a template to create cdART in Photoshop. Resources: PhotoShop cdART Template (2016) Step 1: Open the CD template and select one of the layers inside th...
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Identify a Font x16

Description: This tutorial will cover a few ways to identify and track down a font. This is essential if you want to create logos from scratch. Especially when there is no high quality source availabl...
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Creando un CdArt en Photoshop (Spanish) x12

Descripción: Este tutorial es sobre cómo utilizar una plantilla para crear CDART en Photoshop Recursos: PhotoShop cdART Template (2016) Paso 1: Abre la plantilla de CD, y selecciona una de las capa...
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