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Creating Logos with Photoshop x1

I don’t know whether it was necessary to do these videos, but for those who are just starting out, i think it will be just right to learn these methods. The work is done in CS5! Also they are su...
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Easy way to get the 10px gutter x2

Description: One of the many way to ensure a 10px gutter around your logos. First, make an awesome logo in the highest possible resolution and save the PSD for the future. Now go to Select / Select al...
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Big Ass Spider Logo x3

Description: The video starts after I have traced the letters or it would be way too long to watch. I spent more time on the logo I’ve uploaded to the site. This one is just for the video. Here ...
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The Animal Logo Tutorial x4

Description: This tutorial shows how to create an HDLogo from scratch using the pen tool in Photoshop. All videos will be available in HD, so make sure you select HD for playback on youtube. (click th...
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Gimp from Scratch – Part 4 (Intro to Paths and Create HDClearLogo) x2

Part 1: Exploring and Setting up Gimp Part 2: Intro to Filters and Plugins Part 3: Begin Producing Art Part 4: Intro to Paths and Create HDClearLogo Part 5: Render Image and Create HDClearART Descript...
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How to Size and Center HDLogos in Gimp x2

Description: Just a short video tutorial to show the proper way to resize and then center your logos to comply with the fanart.tv rules. All videos will be available in HD, so make sure you select HD ...
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How to Correctly Size and Center Logos in Photoshop

Description: This video goes through the workflow of sizing and centering your ClearLOGO once you have it ready. This covers both taller than wide, and wider than tall examples. All videos will be ava...
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Image Trace a Logo with Illustrator CS6 x3

Description: This tutorial goes over the basics of Adobe Illustrator CS6’s Image trace feature. Illustrator’s Image Trace feature allows you to trace a bitmap, automatically creating vecto...
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Gimp HDLogo x3

*Note* This is a complimentary video to the Gimp ClearLogo tutorial.   Description: This illustrates some more advanced techniques and focuses on using shortcuts and other ways to streamline your wor...
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Create a ClearLogo with Gimp

Description: This tutorial explains how to use paths and gradients to create a ClearLogo in GIMP in a format suitable for uploading to fanart.tv *Note* This tutorial was made for the older “Clea...
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