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Remove wrinkles, kinks and paper texture from scanned cover art x7

Have you ever scanned a cover that was in poor condition? When I scan old 45rpm record picture sleeves they tend to look like editing nightmares. I’ve actually spent loads of time touching up sleeve...
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Image Cleaning and Prep x5

Description: \r\nImage cleaning is a subject that covers many tools and techniques. This page will show some possibilities of what can be achieved, and the tools used to get there. All images here wer...
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Photoshop Hair Rendering Tutorials x5

Description: \r\nThis is a series of videos by our resident Photoshop expert on how to select and isolate very detailed hair. He shows 3 different examples covering some different techniques.\r\n\r\nT...
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Easy way to get the 10px gutter x2

Description:\r\nOne of the many way to ensure a 10px gutter around your logos.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFirst, make an awesome logo in the highest possible resolution and save the PSD for the future. Now go to ...
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Big Ass Spider Logo x3

Description:\r\nThe video starts after I have traced the letters or it would be way too long to watch. I spent more time on the logo I’ve uploaded to the site. This one is just for the video.\r\...
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The Animal Logo Tutorial x4

Description:\r\nThis tutorial shows how to create an HDLogo from scratch using the pen tool in Photoshop.\r\n All videos will be available in HD, so make sure you select HD for playback on youtube. (c...
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How to Correctly Size and Center Logos in Photoshop

Description:\r\nThis video goes through the workflow of sizing and centering your ClearLOGO once you have it ready. This covers both taller than wide, and wider than tall examples.\r\n \r\n \r\n ...
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Image Trace a Logo with Illustrator CS6 x2

Description:\r\nThis tutorial goes over the basics of Adobe Illustrator CS6’s Image trace feature.\r\n\r\nIllustrator’s Image Trace feature allows you to trace a bitmap, automatically crea...
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cdArt Template Photoshop – 2016

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HD Logo Template Photoshop v1.0

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