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60.000 images available

By Martijn | | Latest News, Website

The milestone   Yesterday July 30,  2012 we hit another important milestone. More 60,000 images are currently hosted by It was only 7 weeks ago on June 14 that the 50,000 milestone was hit. So 10,000 images added within such a short time period is truly amazing. Two months before there were only 40,000.   A short history trip tells us: When we started, there were around 900 images, but my site allowed people to make requests, and boy did they take that to heart—at one point in time there were over 500 requests! That was a pain at …
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Ideas for supporting the site needed

By Kode | | Latest News, Website

On the 24th March we asked for help paying for the server, and lots of you generously donated enough to pay for the server for 3 months, that money ran out after the May 27th payment, so the June 27th payment I mostly funded myself. We currently have £13 a month coming in from recurring donations vs a £78.98 a month server cost, so thanks to the guys who set up recurring donations, it’s most appreciated, unfortunately it falls well short of what’s needed. I am currently in the process of buying a house, so if the site is unable …
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XBMC for Android

By Martijn | | Latest News, Media Centre, XBMC

So as an XBMC Team member I think it’s my duty (and also proud) to make this post to say XBMC for Android is coming. Still a lot of work has to be done and it is only available for the ones that can compile it themselves. No it isn’t available yet in Play Store so if you find any app that poses as XBMC hit report before it gets a bad name. More info can be found on XBMC for Android press release.

What are you watching?

By Reginald | | TV

Anger Managment – S01E01-02 Let me start out by saying I have not watched Two and a Half Men so this is really my first exposure to Charlie. I think the first episode was good and showed that Charlie could be humanized. It was a fairly amusing episode, the second episode was more what I was expecting (not a good thing in this case), and Charlie is being more of “himself” in this episode. I was hoping that his ex-wife Jennifer and patient Lacey would even out, unfortunately they did not. I really hope they work on those characters; their …
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Liars – WIXIW Review or: How To Create Music From Balloons To Unsettle Your Children

By pete_the_lion | | Music, Reviews

I’m going to start this review with a disclaimer: Results May Vary. This album will not be for everybody, a fact probably made obvious when you take into account the fact the band used balloons, dripping water, foil and small metal figures as instruments. This isn’t as pretentious as it sounds, or as encapsulating a set of restrictions as Hecate and Venetian Snare’s Nymphomatriarch – an album created solely from sounds generated by the two of them bumping uglies and as the booklet charmingly puts “inserting microphones.” Heading backwards through the news on their website ( to March and earlier …
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