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Star Wars Poster Collection – Limited Edition (10% discount!)

By Kode | | Latest News, Website

Hey guys, it’s coming up to Christmas, how about some cool Star Wars prints?  We have managed to get some 10% discount codes for you and the guys have also agreed to donate a further 10% to us for every purchase, so not only will you be getting a cool print, but you will be helping us out as well! In order to redeem your 10% discount you need to use GIVEMEFANART Heres a word from them: The original Star Wars trilogy has been for years an inspiration around the world, growing today into an endless resource of inspiration. A …
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XBMC 12 ‘Frodo’ Beta 1

By Martijn | | Latest News, XBMC

This includes support for Android, Raspberry Pi, HD audio and more Development of the XBMC project has continued to roll along since Eden launched officially earlier this year, and now the first beta for v12 Frodo is live. Those who dive in will experience a slew of new features that have been trickling out in monthly builds recently, including support for HD audio formats like DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD, live TV and PVR access plus versions for Android and Raspberry Pi. There’s a long list of features to check out — and known issues, this is a beta after all …
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Thank you Passion-XBMC!

By Kode | | Latest News, Website, XBMC

We have talked to Passion-XBMC members a couple of times about working more closely together, and while those talks are still in early stages their community has been extremely supportive of us. This last month our friends at the french community Passion-XBMC set up a donation drive for us spearheaded by their member mikebzh44, and the end result was truly amazing, they managed to raise the biggest ever single donation of £458.65!  Which has catapulted us to 60% of our target. As many of you know, we are looking to raise £1440 by the beginning of January in order to pay for …
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Reflective cdart

By Peerless | | Movies, Music, Tutorials, Website

INTRODUCTION We all love our media collection. It’s easy to forget that not too long ago, we had to get up from our confy chairs and actually change the CD from the disc tray. Nowadays, we can easily convert our albums to our favorite format, and enjoy an organized and aesthetically pleasing media library. We do it primarily for ourselves, but it’s always nice to impress friends, who have absolutely no knowledge of media centers. They’re eyes glow with amazement and you never felt so proud of your media library… until: “Hey! There’s something wrong with the CD!” As he …
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Movie Review: Ruby Sparks

By mizaki | | Movies, Reviews

Ruby Sparks is about a writer Calvin Weir-Fields (played by Paul Dano) who as a 19 year old wrote a seminal book. Ten years on and he’s done little else (we can all relate, right?). Filled with neurosis he is given a task to write something, anything, even if it’s bad, by his psychologist  He writes about a dream girl or rather, a girl he is having dreams about, then a few days later, there she is in his home. Not imagined, no figment of a mental break down. A living, breathing person made flesh by his words. This is Ruby Sparks (played by Zoe Kazan). Who, …
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