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Fact: From 1987 Untill 2011, Each Season, There Always Was a Sci-Fi Series Set in Space!

By SFJunkie | | TV

It’s almost unbelievable but since the year Star Trek: The Next Generation began in 1987 we were blessed with 24 seasons in a row of sci-fi set in space! Stargate Universe, which was cancelled in 2011, was the last one. As I said it began with TNG which ran till 1994. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine began it’s first season in 1993 and Babylon 5 had it’s pilot in 1993 and started in 1994 with it’s first season. Both series ended towards the millennium. Space Precinct started in 1994 and ran only one season. In 1995 Star Trek: Voyager began and in 1997 Stargate SG-1 started it’s first season. In between there of course also was Space: …
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By akovia | | Tutorials, Uncategorized, Website

Well you managed to find your way here. Now let’s go exploring! This site has many faces that might not be so obvious to the uninitiated. The aim of this guide is to help you understand how everything is laid out, and how to get the most out of the site. Let’s look at the parts: The DataBase: These pages are the core of the site and the reason you are probably here. They are also the easiest pages navigate and explore. If you’ve already read the “Getting Started” guide then you should have a basic understanding of these pages. …
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Do you want better forums?

By Kode | | Latest News, Website

Our current forums are crap, we know that, you know that, everybody knows that, you can’t search, there are no formatting options, you can’t see how many people have viewed a post, which forums you have read, etc. We have discussed it and looked long and hard, and the best solution would be a 3rd party solution called vBulletin with a WordPress -> vBulletin bridge. Unfortunately this costs money.  £220 to be… vague (prices are in dollars so depends on the exchange rate vBulletin costs $250 and the bridge $80). So the question is, is this something you guys would …
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Current Status of Sci-Fi on TV and on the Big Screen!

By SFJunkie | | Movies, TV

Last few years we weren’t exactly overloaded with sci-fi on tv! Most current “sci-fi” series only have sci-fi elements in them. Few exceptions of course with Doctor Who and Defiance, Falling Skies and perhaps Continuum. Fortunately these four tv shows are doing rather well so the next year we get new seasons for all three. Haven, some say it’s just supernatural, some say it does have sci-fi elements, in any case, it had a good run till now and although not (yet) renewed for season five, the fourth season is as steady as the other seasons. Warehouse 13 of course also has a strong relation to sci-fi but season five will …
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Top 10 API traffic this year

By Kode | | Lists, Website

Here is a round up of where the top 10 API requests have come from this year. XBMC – 184,649,884 requests Artwork Downloader (XBMC plugin) – 110,416,799 requests MovingPictures (MediaPortal plugin) – 66,747,980 requests cdART Manager (XBMC plugin) – 50,156,369 requests Media Browser – 28,150,454 requests MusicBee – 11,417,019 requests LemonTV – 10,747,966 requests AlbumArtDownloader – 5,346,854 requests Mediaportal – 3,914,921 requests Media Center Master – 3,895,833 requests

A Christmas Update

By Kode | | Latest News, Website

A quick appeal before I get on with the post, with just over a month to go till our servers are due for renewal we have only raised 65% (we are currently about £500 short) of the amount being targeted, so if anyone can donate it will be gratefully received, you can donate here It’s been a hard year personally as we have had a new arrival to the family, and while it is rewarding has meant my focus has shifted away from the site, fortunately ArieS and Akovia stepped up and kept things running as smoothly as possible, I …
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