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Contributor statistics

By Kode | | Latest News, Website

About 5 months ago we added a Contributor statistics section, but other than a brief mention in a newsletter at the time we haven’t really explained what it is, how it’s used, and how to earn points. Firstly, don’t take it too seriously, we added it to create some friendly rivalry, and hopefully encourage people to become more involved in the site as well as giving people identifiable objectives to achieve. Submitting images The first and probably most important way to earn points is by contributing artwork.  The key on the contributor statistics page shows how many points are awarded …
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Personal API keys

By Kode | | Feature Updates, Latest News, Website

With the launch of v3 of the API we also introduced the concept of personal API keys, but it seems we never really posted anywhere why we added them or the benefits of using a personal API key. There were a couple of reasons for adding personal API keys, the first was to try and help with our problem of obscurity, last year our API was used nearly 2 billion times, but 99.9% of end users using our service will never have heard of us. Some well meaning developers make their end users get their own API key to use, …
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Top 10 API traffic 2014

By Kode | | Latest News, Lists, Website

Here is a round up of where the top 10 API requests came from in 2014 CouchPotato – 644,082,434 requests Artwork Downloader (XBMC plugin) – 209,834,813 requests XBMC – 206,617,136 requests MusicBee – 165,351,915 requests Media Browser – 135,124,989 requests MovingPictures (MediaPortal plugin) – 60,223,256 requests Bandtrace – 52,950,673 requests Media Center Master – 24,659,996 requests AlbumArtDownloader – 19,843,007 requests Mediaportal – 17,100,273 requests Just missing out on the top 10 were drimpal and Artist Slideshow with 13,449,252 and 10,704,100 requests respectively. Overall we had 1,720,436,424 requests in 2014. You can compare these results to last years list here. If you are inspired to create your …
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