Anger Managment – S01E01-02
Let me start out by saying I have not watched Two and a Half Men so this is really my first exposure to Charlie. I think the first episode was good and showed that Charlie could be humanized. It was a fairly amusing episode, the second episode was more what I was expecting (not a good thing in this case), and Charlie is being more of “himself” in this episode. I was hoping that his ex-wife Jennifer and patient Lacey would even out, unfortunately they did not. I really hope they work on those characters; their acting reminded me a lot of Chelsea Handler in Are You There Vodka.

Continuum – S01E03-05
Goodness this show is getting good; I really enjoyed these 3 episodes. They were a bit more procedural than some of the previous episodes but not too much. I did think however they glossed over Alec and Kira’s first meeting a bit too much and then they did not reference it again, just seemed a little odd to me. I hope that Kira’s suit gets fixed soon as I have missed it the past couple of episodes, I really think that was one of the largest parts that made Continuum feel like a Sci-Fi show. I was pleased to see more of the development of Alec’s character outside of dealing with Kira, when he had the disagreement with his step brother you could kind of see how some of the future could have come to fruition.

Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23 – S01E06-07
This show has really grown on me, if you have not tried it, I would say watch the first season, it was short but well worth investing in if you enjoy off beat 30 minute comedies (ie: 30 Rock or Community), I am really looking forward to seeing it back next season.

Falling Skies – S02E03
This episode was great, it shows they are not afraid to make choices that affect main characters. I don’t want to get to many spoiler type things in here so I will leave it at that. I think Ben is doing a great job at being a conflicted teen not an angsty one; I have had enough angst to last a life time. I hope we get to see more of the aliens and we find out more about the skitter with the red burned eye.

Happy Endings – S02E22
This episode was not aired in the US and I had been waiting for my girlfriend to watch this one. It was good and seemed to fit in pretty well with the season; I am not really sure why it wasn’t aired here. Brad and Jane remain my favorite characters on this show, I can see why the actors are asked if they are together when they are out and about. They have some of the best on screen chemistry I have ever seen. Max, Penny and Alex seemed pushed to the background, although I did enjoy the rivalry between Jane and Alex dating back to childhood.

The Legend of Korra – S01E11-12
These were the final two episodes of the season and they were an amazing one, two punch. It had plenty of twists and character development for Tarlok, Amon and Korra. I would say these episodes were perfect except for the end of 12, I am not sure why the creators/writers felt the need to resolve what could have been an awesome cliff hanger, unless they didn’t have next season secured and wanted to make sure not to upset a very strong fanbase. I hope we get to see more of Korra next year!

The Newsroom – S01E01
Welcome back Aaron Sorkin, I didn’t watch all of The West Wing (it is however on my bucket list) I have watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, that was great and I thought the actors hit what Aaron was doing head on. I can see Jeff Daniels doing the same thing with the Newsroom; I cannot wait to see where this show goes. Jeff’s monologue at the beginning of the show was pure Aaron magic, I don’t think I took a breath while he was going, I can’t wait to see how Aaron and Jeff do tonight when I watch the second episode.

Wilfred – S02E01-02
Oh Wilfred, you have been missed. The first episode was trippy as all get out but still a lot of fun. It is a bit darker this season but I like dark humor. After the second episode, I cannot wait to see more of Allison Mac; she was great on Smallville and showed some great range. I will be interested to see her take on a more comical, edgy role.

What did you all watch, is there anything I should be watching that I am not yet?

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