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If you would like to help out but don’t have the artistic skills, please consider donating to help out with server costs and any other running costs.

Update: We have a new server!

So we finally got a nice and shiny new server up and running. This will hopefully be enough for the time being.
Due to the increasing demand had to upgrade our server to something that could handle our needs, unfortunately the new server costs more.

Donations are still needed to cover the costs of renting that thing so don’t hesitate 🙂
We aren’t doing this to make money, we would just love for the site to be able to support itself and any extra money would be spent on making the site better, maybe some competitions.

A monthly subscription would be the most helpful to us, but we would be just as grateful with a one off donation, the options are below.



Old list of doners

jacktyler: £105
Jason Cox: £40
Victor Perez Garcia: £40
rdonohoe: £30
Luigi Margarito: £30
Martijn Kaijser: £20
Thorkell Petursson: £20
Dean Fountain: £10
Scott Bell: £10
John Simmons: £10
Brandon Rimnac: £10
Anthony Candido: £10
Jan-Friedrich Ehlenbröker: £7
Matej Vadnjal: £2
Marcos Correia Moreno: £2
Wes Hamilton: £2



Staff positions

We have lots of positions that need filling, if you think you could help out with any of these, please get in touch at [email protected]


We need developers to help out with the site code, this will include adding new features and fixing bugs, there are lots of things that need doing for the new site and I don’t have the time needed to do them all myself.
Ideally any potential candidates will have experience with WordPress, PHP, jQuery, HTML and CSS.


We need help with design elements, I am struggling on the design front with the new site and it’s really slowed development down. Also designers are always needed for creating images.


We need good moderators who are willing to spend some time dealing with user requests and who have a good eye for detail.


As well as staff positions there are lots of other things that need doing, these can be done by staff or non staff so if you want to get involved but don’t want too much commitment please consider one of these.

Video Tutorials

If anyone has the ability to create decent video tutorials that we can put on the fanart.tv youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/fanartdottv please get stuck in and send me the result.

Other tutorials

If you don’t feel up to a video tutorial we would still be grateful for any other tutorials, as long as they are clear and have lots of pictures we can make good use of them.

Image replacements

We currently have 1154 cdARTs that are the wrong size and need replacing, and there are 9989 missing images in the TV section, feel free to get stuck into these lists.

New images

When the new site goes live there will be thousands of images that need doing, initially we will introduce the new sections without any requests in place otherwise demand will definitely outstrip supply, so feel free to get stuck in doing any images you can think of.

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