Have you ever come to this website just wishing there was a section for games?  Check out TheGamesDB.net.  We’ve got an open, online database for video games.  We have a simple, yet robust API, and we strive to have the highest quality images and metadata available for games.  We work closely with the fanart.tv staff, and share similar goals when it comes to quality content.

Several highly used programs are already scraping with our API.  This includes Gamebrowser for MediaBrowser, and Advanced Launcher for XBMC.  You can find fanart, clearart, boxart, screenshots, banners, trailers, overviews, ratings, and much more!  All of which is created and submitted by community members like you!

So if you have a passion for video games in addition to movies, music, and TV, then head on over and let us know what you think.