I would like to utilise the blog a bit more and give users another reason to visit the site, so we are looking for people who would be interested in writing regular (or any) posts on the site.

You can write about anything that is loosely related to the site, so examples could be setting up a particular skin to use fanart images, important xbmc (or plex/mediabrowser/etc) updates, setting up a raspberry pi to use xbmc, photoshop tips and tricks, how to create cool photoshop (or gimp) effects, top 10 / 20 / 50 /100 lists are always fun, so top 20 hottest movie actresses / TV actresses / music artists, top 10 films of the last year (though I dont want every post to be top lists), maybe a review of a product/service that uses our images such as metabrowser, trakt.tv, XBMC.

Basically if its loosely related and you would like to write about it, we would love to see it, so if you are interested please join the content writers group http://fanart.tv/groups/content-writers-guild/ and once approved an admin will set you up as a contributor so you can create posts to be checked.