This is an article I will be looking to write once a week, detailing the shows/movies I have watched. I am still trying to nail down a good format, please let me know if you have any suggestions.

This week I watched:

The Almighty Johnsons – S02E11, 12, 13
I caught up and finished season 2, episode 12 was a bit trippy and I was never sure where they were going to go with the Gaia and Axl arch but it worked out. I am glad they are bringing Loki back into the story again, he was always amusing and easy to dislike. I enjoyed the twist they used to bring him back in and how even though he may not have been on screen he has been present and working in secret. All in all, I have to say this season stacked up pretty well against the first season.

Common Law – S01E04
I think this show is finally finding its feet, I am really starting to enjoy the banter between Wes and Travis, it’s not as good as the relationship between Neal and Peter on White Collar but I think it could get there. I think they need to spend more time in therapy, “the group” is pretty funny when breaking down events that had happened to Wes and Travis. I hope they pursue a relationship between Wes and Kendall, I think it could be funny to see Wes dating someone he works with after telling Travis to stop.

Continuum – S01E03
I am loving this show and I am so happy with Showcase giving it the green light, the show has the perfect balance of Sci-Fi tech and police procedural it kind of makes me think of Fringe or Castle how they are using a form of show (CSI, NCSI, Law and Order, ect) but mixing in a genre that is under represented on TV right now. I look forward to Monday every week when I get to watch this show. This show has such a good balance my girlfriend, who is not huge in to Sci-Fi/”nerd stuff” even likes it.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 – S01E04, 05
This show is defiantly growing on me, I am starting to see where they are going with the characters, James Van Der Beek is as funny as always. It is nice to see that they are humanizing Chloe a little bit each week, it’s still a bit over the top but I think they will level it out. June did a great job of channeling Chloe in episode 4.

Eureka – S05E08
This episode was OK, it allowed the plot to progress and them to wrap a few things up but over all I was not amazed. It’s sad that this is the shows last season, I have liked that they have taken a no holds bared approach to the characters. Let’s hope we get to see more of Dr. Barlowe and Senator Wen.

Fairly Legal – S02E11, 12
I like this show, but there are times I wish Kate wasn’t in it. How she always has to have her way and that her opinion is the only one that matters rubs me the wrong way sometimes. Yes, I know that is the point of the show but sometimes, I root against her. I have really liked what they have been doing with Lauren and Ben. I think its good we are getting see a little bit more of Lauren, I hope we find out why she is so up tight. Ben is a nice balance for Kate’s overly optimistic Utopian view of the world, I hope he stays a big part of the show.

The Legend of Korra – S01E09
Episode 8 was amazing, it was action packed, moved the plot, had twists. It was everything you could hope for, episode 9 was a good follow up, the pace was a bit slower but it was still very good. I keep trying to figure out if they were told they would get only one season or how they will keep the series going after season one, Korra has already masted all of the elements except for air, unlike Aang who had only mastered one style of bending. I miss pro bending, that was a neat new thing added in this series, I hope it comes back at some point.

Veep – S01E08
This show is good but after watching The Thick of It, it just isn’t as good, I keep hoping for it to round the corner and find something to make it pop. I guess we will just have to see. I did like the Ohio gubernatorial candidate, his exchange with Selena was great and I like how he used his assistant to say things he shouldn’t.

What did you all watch, is there anything I should be watching that I am not yet? Check out my Profile